Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here I am

Everyone who is Anyone has a blog, and I want to be an Anyone.

We turned back the clocks today. Thanks, good old daylight savings time, for the extra hour of sleep!

I remember what I was doing exactly three years ago from this day: sleeping late, a very late lunch at Sunterra, and shopping at Southgate, with Brent. He bought me a belly button ring; it has blue sapphires, and I still have it. We were shocked that they were open so late; silly us, we forgot about changing the clocks.

I cannot recall what I did on this day in the years between then and now, but I hope I will be remembering today three years from now.

Today was a wonderful day!

I met an amazing man yesterday! We spent the whole day together, at the Valley Zoo, visiting with my parents, exploring West Edmonton Mall, and finally dinner, where we were asked to leave because they were cleaning up to shut down and we were the only remaining guests in the restaurant. A whole 15 hours we spent in each other’s company, and we reluctantly parted after agreeing to meet again the following afternoon.

Today was date two. I took him to the Royal Alberta Museum, and following that, we went out for dinner, where we played footsies under the table. Heehee how cute, eh?

I really, really, really like him. I cannot wait to see him again. :)