Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Raynaud's Phenomenon

My finger tips turn white and go numb and slowly so does the rest of my fingers. It happens on days that are even 16C outside! I cannot even drink a cold beverage from the fridge wihtout my fingers turning white from the cold glass. Then as my hands warm up, the white turns to red, and it HURTS! Lately, it has been happening to my toes, even inside the house! And it has been a balmy winter here, the warmest in history.

I went to see the doctor and he touched my hand and recoiled from the cold and from the colour (they were blue). He declared that I have *insert dramatic music here* Raynaud's Phenomenon! oh joy. He told me to look it up on the internet. Was he implying that I am an internet junky?

He was surprised to hear that I have had this happening since I was in high school. He said he would write a prescription out for me. He opened my chart and freaked out a bit at my last blood pressure reading. Guess what, I have a low BP reading and the drug he wants me to take has a side effect of reducing blood pressure. He wrote me the prescription, told me to take 1/2 a pill if I feel dizzy. He also wrote a prescription for the heating pads to put in my mittens and socks.

I feel like an old lady, blue and cold and about to keel over from the lack of blood flowing to my extremities, sipping tea to warm my bones. :(

Who Supports Whom?

"Some 76 percent of men in a relationship turn to their partners for support while only 36 percent of women do so."
gee, I wonder why?

Monday, January 30, 2006

I took the kids to Ikea...

After the autoshow, I took the kids to Ikea. Miranda got checked into Småland.
Much to his dismay, Eelke was too tall to go inside and play, so he has to go shopping with me. It is great to have a boyfriend who (1) likes to shop with me at Ikea, and (2) actually likes a lot of the same furniture I do! One day we're going to have a kickass home!

After shopping we had hotdogs and a cinnamon bun and then the kids went to play.

I found a quilt cover that I really, really want but they didn't have it in quite the colour I wanted. I'm going to "sleep" on it and see which colour I decide on: the light brown or the red. I didn't go home empty handed; I bought chocolates and cookies and candies and candles and batteries.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Vroooom! Vroooom!

This Sunday's family trip was to see the Motorshow that was in town for the weekend. Eelke spent too much time oogling the Dodge trucks and made not even a glance towards the GM trucks. Miranda (the car model) wants the purple and yellow H3, I want the Aston Martin or a Porsche Carrera GT, and Eelke still wants his old red SAAB 900.
Looking at all the flashy vehicles made Miranda and Eelke hungry, so they shared a jumbo hotdog before we left the show.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Mayor Declares Today Mozart Day!

Mozart was born 250 years ago today, and the City of Edmonton has declared today to be Mozart Day. Mozart, the child prodigy who was composing music at the age of 5 is hailed by an Austrian website as "the most famous Austrian of all time" (hmmm, even more famous that Hitler?)

So what's so special about Mozart Day? At 1:30pm there is a celebration at City Hall. There will be a special performance by E-SWAT (Edmonton Symphony Wolfgang Amadé Team) and special presentations. And what birthday celebration could be complete without birthday cake? Yes, there will be cake too! Special Mozart performances will continue through the year.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Parking Lot Pinata

Miranda went to Emma's birthday party and it was at Let's Play, and indoor playpark with strict rules on bringing food into the facility (outside food is forbidden unless you have a party room booked, then you may bring in only party cake).

Tara had a strawberry shaped pinata and they would not let her bring it in at the end of the party, even though there were no other patrons in the building. So the party wrapped up in the parking lot, with the adults laughing at the situation as the children hit the pinata outdoors.

Photos of the party in the parking lot are here .
(note: the Hummer in the background is the chariot that drove the birthday girl to her party)

Mental Health

" The neutoric builds castles in the sky, the psychotic lives in them, and the psychiatrist collects the rent. "

" Scientists say 1 out of every 4 people is crazy. Check 3 friends, if they are OK, you're it. "

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

CD for Eelke

  1. Sia - Breathe Me
  2. Korn - Twisted Transistor (Radio)
  3. 3 Doors Down - Landing In London
  4. Faktion - Take It Away
  5. Mudvayne - Fall Into Sleep (Album)
  6. Nine Inch Nails - Every Day Is Exactly The Same
  7. The White Stripes - The Denial Twist
  8. Taproot - Birthday
  9. She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
  10. Evans Blue - Cold (But I'm Still Here)
  11. Hard-Fi - Cash Machine
  12. Matisyahu - King Without A Crown
  13. Prom Kings - Bleeding
  14. Revelation Theory - Slowburn
  15. My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You
  16. Panic! At The Disco - There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet
  17. Panic! At The Disco - Build God, Then We'll Talk
  18. Starsailor - Faith Hope Love
  19. Editors - All Sparks
  20. Madonna - Hung Up

The song that got deleted off the list... Armchair Cynics - Bang. I was going to make it exactly like the CD in my car, but then I started downloading some more music and wanted to add some new songs so I could listen in the car in the morning. It all got complicated since I had only ONE blanko CD (as Eelke calls them) in my house.

I Can't Get No Sleep

I can't get no sleep
I can't get no sleep
I need to sleep, i cant get no sleep
I need to sleep, i cant get no sleep

Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light
Pick up my pen and start to write
I struggle, fight dark forces
In the clear moon light
Without fear... insomnia
I can't get no sleep

... I can't actually say that I have insomnia because I have not actually tried to go to sleep yet tonight, and I am not picking up my pen to start to write; music is in my head, playing over and over, songs more than one at the same time! I can't get no sleep

I am up waaaaaay to late, burning a new music CD (for who else, but Eelke, but don't tell him because it's a surprise! heehee). I could have been in bed hours ago, but do you have any idea how hard it is to select one song to delete from the list in order to may the playlist fit on a CD?! And that's why I can't get no sleep

Go figure that the most predominant song stuck in my head, Insomnia, is one that I haven't even listened to tonight! I can't get no sleep

Monday, January 23, 2006

A Little Note

I found this note in one of Miranda's books. She is always writing little notes but so far this has been my favourite. Maybe it's because of the little picture (with them wearing little crowns) she drew with it. I asked her to read it to me.

January 11, Miranda and Mackenzie are going to see Hillary Duff on stage.

The girls did go to the Hilary Duff concert together, but I do not know if theis note was made before or after that date.

Ice Princess

This weekend was the 3rd Annual Ice on Whyte in Old Strathcona, and this year they were featuring a "BIG" ice sculpture theme.

Aside from an ice sculpture donation box, they had sculptures called "Matrix", "King Kong", "King of the Penguins", "Hell Dogs Cry", and "Buffalo Hunter's Dream". There was also a bunny sculpture for the children (and grown-ups, too) to touch.

In the second park, there was an ice maze, an ice castle, two ice slides (since it was +5C outside, the ice was melting and muddy on the slide so Miranda didn't ride on it ; her butt was wet enough from sitting on the ice benches in the maze and in the castle!), and another ice donation box.
Photos can be seen here.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Can't Buy My Vote

This morning I was walking down the hallway to the LRT and I could see two people with badges on their lapels and pamphlets and an open box of Tim Hortons timbits. I thought they were some bible beaters, trying to lure people in with the offer of free treats. As I got nearer, I could see it was Nicole Martel (Edmonton East Liberal Party candidate) with the timbit box, and a lackey was passing out campaign literature. HAHA! As if I would vote for the liberals, and they are insane if they think free balls of fat saturated sugar will sway my mind.

Since I don't want you accidentally voting for her, since her name is the only one you might recognize on the ballot after reading this, here is the complete list of the candidates in the 252 Edmonton East riding:

Conservative: Peter Goldring (Incumbent)
Green Party: Trey Capnerhurst
Liberal: Nicole Martel
New Democtratic Party: Arlene Chapman

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can you make me purrr?

See else can you make the pussy do.

What winter?

It is common knowlegde that I hate winter. It's dark and depressing and f'ing freezing and trudging through the snow just plain bites. But not this year! The days are getting longer and it's no longer pitch black outside when I leave the office at 5:00. Our New Year's deepfreeze didn't hit us, and January is more than half over and we still have not seen out typical week of -40C temperatures. I have been basking in the warmth of our non-traditional Alberta winter, with daytime temperatures a few degrees below (or even above) freezing! Last night was the coldest in weeks, dipping down to -13C. Tonight is going to be the same and I have dug out the long johns. How sad is that? Right now it is -9C outside and I am whimpering like a baby that it is too cold. Either 2006 will be the best year of my life, or it will be the worst and it will snow all summer long.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tough Question

Personally, I think I would choose the ever-growing ear hairs. You would have to keep a few pair of sharpened scissors stashed all over the place, but it would be easier to deal with scissors and snipping hairs than it would be to deal with a dripping nose and used tissues all over the place. ....Ewww gross!

My Favourite Cartoon

I swear I should get t-shirts made with this cartoon for me and Eelke.
It's not hard to tell which one of us is the ruler. ;)

What is purple and sparkles?

... my new toothpaste!

It is Colgate Luminous enamel strengthening toothpaste in paradise fresh flavour. Michellini was at the drustore with me, and she had the audacity to accuse me of still harbouring my toothpaste addiction! I can honestly say that I needed this new tube of toothpaste.

I know, I admit I might have had a problem in the paste, I mean PAST, with my 7 different kinds of toothpaste in the bathroom, but now there are only four kinds; well 5 if you count Miranda's Colgate Kids watermelon, but I don't use that one! This weekend I used up the last of my Crest cinnamon rush Whitening Expressions, and the Crest Vivid White. I am down to the Crest vanilla mint (which is almost all used up, and really, almost used up, as in only 1 or 2 more squeezes left), Crest sensitivity protection (which has probably 6 squeezes left), and the Colgate sensitive whitening (purchased last week under Michellini's accusing glare).

ps - Eelke has Crest whitening Expressions Lemon Ice at his place and it reminds me of brushing my teeth with lemon pie. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Bitchalicious!

It's officially unanimous! I love them, Eelke loves them, Miranda loves them. Croissants are bitchtastic! Even Lucky (le chat) thinks that they are bitchalicious! There are three things that Lucky will beg for - Tuna, Ham, and Croissants.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thought Recorder

I was riding home on the train and I had a thought while walking to my car.

Goodbye pens and paper and rushing to write down your brilliant thoughts and ideas! Wouldn't it be great if I had an Instant Thought Recorder!? Now I cannot recall what my initial thought was that I wanted to keep and record, but I do remember my thought about this thought recorder. You could have a thought and then after finishing the thought, you could press a button and it would save the last thought you had. Of course it would have to have some sort of filter on it to omit the thought to record your last thought, because then that would be the last thought; technically, it would have to record your second from last thought.

And then I got to thinking, why use a button at all? Why not make it and Hands-free Instant Thought Recorder. You could think "I want to record my last thought" and it would save that thought for you, again omitting the thought to record the thought.

Why not throw in a feature so it saves your last ten thoughts because you might not initially think to record a specific thought, and then a few thoughts later you decide you should make a memo of that thought? I know that sometimes a while after I have a thought I go back and think so-and-so would like that idea I had and would want to save the initial thought to share with them at a later date.

Anyways, this is just one of my thoughts that I managed to get on paper before I forgot it. And yes, I actually did put it on paper. I stopped driving a few blocks up from the train station and scribbled it on an old envelope.

I do realise this probably is an idea had by many people pbefore me, but it just seems like such a practical device! I just really, really wanted to get back that thought that I couldn't remember.

Friday, January 06, 2006

What is inflated and taller than Eelke...?

Today I am going to take down the Christmas tree and in closing the holiday season, I am posting about the Christmas decorations at my father's house.

This year, my step-mother posted 9-foot tall inflatable (and taller than Eelke) candy canes to mark the pathway to the front stairs (just in case the steps and sidewalk leading up were too obvious). Oh! but she doesn't stop there!
A happy little snowman with his hand up, waving hello, to greet you as you pass! And Santa in his sleigh (that is smaller than he is), with a reindeer (note the pervert checking out the reindeer butt in front of him)!


I have recently acquired two new obsessions. Thanks a lot, Eelke! They have kept me up late the past three nights. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were spent watching the starting episodes of the TV series Lost. (I watched 5 episodes each night!) Last night I thought I could finally get some housework done, but noooo, I spent the night playing Sudoku. (4.5 hours of nothing but Sudoku!) There is even a version of Sudoku for kids, so we can teach Miranda how to do the puzzles, and last week I downloaded a verion of the game for my cellphone.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rare Specimen Caught On Film!

It's Eelke - The COMPUTER NERD!

It is so sweet how he is so devoted to the computer, yet he still manages to shower his ever understanding girlfriend with heaps of affection and attention. Hmmm... perhaps it is because she has a computer ... with an internet connection that is always working, and a big hard and a willingness to share! (not to mention her HUGE and WONDERFUL collection of MP3s)
(Just don't ask him to do the dishes; he doesen't rinse! *gasp!*)

ps- he actually knows the name of the president of technology at Google. Hey Eelke, do you know what this says?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

This was, by far, the best New Year's celebration I have ever had! And croissants for breakfast, who could ask for a nicer start to the new year; Merci, mon amour! Je t'aime beaucoup! Cheers to 2006!

I rang in the New Year with Eelke and Chris and Trisha at the Bear Bash, feasting in the sounds of Biff Naked and Three Days Grace.

The concert was fantastic, despite the beer flying through the air, and the moshing fools right in front of us (Eelke played bodyguard and kept me safe, all except my toes *ouch*).