Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Worth A Second Chance

bmylOn February 12th, Dallas Green released the second CD from his solo project: City and Colour, called Bring Me Your Love.  The Boyfriend and I were "waiting" with great anticipation after hearing the first single, "Waiting", being the Dallas Green superfans that we are.

My First impression - if you're going to continue reading, be sure to read the entire thing because I'm not trashing this CD.

We were looking forward to hearing album versions of the songs we have heard in concert and on his Live CD - Confessions, Sensible Heart, Forgive Me, and our favourite, Sleeping Sickness

The initial disappointment was the lyrics to Sleeping Sickness. What happened to all the haunting "And I'm all alone"s?! The lyrics changed, so I was singing along to the first listen and felt like an idiot to be getting the words wrong.  Originally on his Dallas Green Simple Songs CD, this song was so, simple.  Now On Bring Me... it's a much more robust song, but to ears that were expecting something else... to hear clapping and "Someone come, Someone come and save my life" seemed like a bastardization of the original.  And then when I was singing along to Confessions, I liked the song of it, but again they lyrics have been changed. grrr!

Overall, the sound is quite different, not the acoustic guitar and piano that we new City and Colour as. harmonicas, banjos, drums, and a folky sound rings out from the speakers.  But as a superfan, I listened again.  And again and again and again, as I couldn't stop because I liked what I was hearing.

The *new* songs on the CD, are amazing.  My favourites are The Girl, Body In A Box, and Death of Me.  And now that I have recovered from the initial shock to my ears, the *old* songs on this CD really are brilliant.

I can't wait until May when Dallas rolls into town.  I'm expecting the show to be amazing, and with Dallas's talent, and the BF singing beside me :)  , I know it will be!! I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait !

Self Portrait

A self-portrait of a boy, drawn in pink ink.  Its cool.


I just noticed he doesn't have hands ahhhh!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Bastards!

jpod-t CBC has cancelled jPod, the bastards!  The show is humorous and no doubt about it a little unconventional, but that is what makes it so enjoyable! I read the book and the show is 1,000 times better. 

savejpod.ca is a website created to encourage jPod fans to write to CBC and petition the survival of the show. 

I'm going to mail my letter in the morning.  It has been printed on pink paper.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My favourite Easter comic.... (I know, I post it every Easter) 

With Easter being early this year, it makes me feel like Spring is here all the earlier as well, and that makes me feel super happy!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Might cause seizure

This music video for "Run" by Gnarls Barkley is getting a lot of talk because it was rumoured that MTV had banned it from their airwaves.  It turns out that MTV will air an edited version because the original video cut had strobe effects that could cause epileptic seizures.

Watch at your own risk.

JT plays the part of the City Vibe dance show host.  If you don't want to watch the whole thing, skip ahead to the 2 minute mark.  That's where it gets cool.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Angel and Illidan

This afternoon...

Angel, wearing her strappy black stilettos, walks into Metropolis comic book shop and stops at the counter.

geek guy: Can I help you?

Angel: I'm looking for a doll.  A man doll.  An Illidan Stormrage doll.

geek guy: They are action figures.

Angel: Whatever.  I've already received  the talk about it.

geek guy: Bottom shelf over there, blue box, behind Wolverine.

Angel: Thanks.

geek guy: So you're the girlfriend.  A guy called earlier and said he'd see if his girlfriend could pick it up.  I thought he was joking.

Angel: That would be me.  He's been trying to get his hands on one of these dolls for a while. 

geek guy: You should make him sweat a little.  Tell him you couldn't get it.

Angel: I totally already have that planned !  I'm going to tell him some other geek scooped it up before I could get to it.

I didn't think of it until I was leaving, but when he first asked if he could help me, I should have looked at my hand (like a cheat sheet) before saying "Illidan Stormrage" and then laugh and show him that there really wasn't anything written on my palm.

(click to make it bigger so you can read the box)DSC00705

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Folders and crumplers

When it comes to toilet tissue, are you a folder or a crumpler?

I was under the impression that only children are crumplers because
they are not yet wise enough to figure out that toilet tissue is more
effective when it is folded.

I'm a folder and I don't think I ever was a crumpler.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

M and the Machine

Mummy, do I have an email?

first day back at her old school after the fire... and so it begins. My recently turned 8-year old is hooked on the Internet, as she runs into the room saying, "I need to get on MSN to check something!".  Before, she was online to play on Webkinz or Club Penguin or Barbie.com, but now she wants to email her friend. 

We had a little tiff this weekend because I insist on reading her email with her, after I saw, and censored, a blonde joke email her friend sent (Her friend is a year ahead of Miranda, and in a grade 4/5 split class, so I'm concerned about the age difference and what she might be exposing Miranda to).

She typed out her first email to her friend.  I feel somewhat bad for posting this, but it's kinda cute to see how she typed it, actually inserting the quotation marks around blonde.  I'm also impressed that she spelled blonde correctly!

Hey Girl!  Are you allowed on MSN yet.My mom said I can't read those ''Blonde'' story's you sent me. I loved that picture of the hand holding a fairy.I did'nt get my big desk yet.Scott has a sore kneeand could'nt get the desk today.

Over dinner conversation tonight, she actually said "oh-em-gee" (OMG).  I was like WTF?!  How does she know that already?!  Scott quizzed her and she doesn't know what BYOB is yet. ;)

test I will have to be checking regularly with The 25 slang terms parent should know, to make sure I am keeping on top of things.  I took their test and I got one wrong!!

(the answer is C)

duh!  I get it now!!   <3

ps - NetNanny, here we come...

Life Explained. On Film.

ZOMG!!!1!  This weekend I have watched so many How-To films on videojug.com 

This site rocks, the acting is funny and almost all the videos have people speaking in cute British accents.

Some that I watched include

How to

- Apply a fairy make-up look

- Look good naked

- Make a beer bottle stick to the wall

- Play Guitar Hero like a pro (I didn't know there was a tutorial level!  This is how I'm gonna spend my Saturday morning while the BF plays WoW)

- Apply fake eye-lashes

- Be the perfect girlfriend (I took a few notes)

- Be the perfect boyfriend (I forwarded this for him to take a few notes)

- Be a hero to your girlfriend (I didn't forward it, because he already has this perfected)  This was the most entertaining video, almost like it wasn't a How-To.

- Kill bacteria on your toothbrush

- Create a 60's hair-do

- Curl hair with tongs

- Style hair like Jennifer Aniston's

- Organically whiten clothes

- Walk like a beauty queen

- Select shoes to wear with a mini-skirt

- Take something back to a shop

- Deep stress relief back massage

- Look more confident

- Speak Geek

- Open bottles of beer without a bottle-opener

- Seal wood scratches with a walnut

- Polish shoes with a banana

- Seduce your boss (hahaha!  You can find anything on the Internet! It does come with a sexual harassment warming mid-way through.)

- Fit exercise into a busy schedule

- Cheat and Rock, Paper, Scissors

- Stay awake

The most RETARDED video I watched was How to go to bed.


Now I'm going to check out LOLcatz 

Humorous Pictures

Humorous Pictures (yes, I find that funny - blame my daddy.)

Useless Knowledge

What happens when the stop watch on the iphone runs for 1,000 hours? Watch to find out.

I Won't Disagree

I played this song in the car.  Miranda made me play it again and again.  I was playing this song at home.  Scott heard it and made me play it again and again.  I love this song, so I play it for myself, again and again and again and again.

cdI Won't Disagree by Kate Voegele, off her album Don't Look Away.

No Good is another amazing song, and I also like It's Only Life and One Way or Another and Only Fooling Myself and Chicago.  She has an incredible voice, she writes her own music, and her lyrics are catchy and meaningful.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Clean the Screen

Click on the picture to see what this little puppy can do!


( There goes 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back. )