Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scheduled Insurance Coverage

I think I need to schedule insurance coverage on my nail polish collection.  I now have 89 different colours (not including the ones Amanda got me for Christmas, because I stuck those in a “safe place” that was even too safe for me to find).  When I usually spend $10-15 on a bottle, it really adds up!

For the love of ManGlaze

It’s totally not my style to be posting an advertisement like this in order to win a contest, but I really want to try out this ManGlaze nail polish (check out the kick ass bottle!)… There is a product giveway on one of the nail polish blogs I follow, and I’m hoping to win it.  Click the picture for more details.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Who pissed off the garbage man?

I came home last night to find the garbage bin in the middle of the
driveway. It is still sitting there this morning.

There are no tracks in the snow so it wasn't pushed over. The garbage
truck would have had to set it down there.