Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Photos

Miranda insisted that I buy her Spring photos this year.  She looks sweet, but I think they could have done a nicer job; her face looks chubby!  Nonetheless, she is always beautiful, and she loves the photos.



Saturday, April 26, 2008

Web Designer

Miranda loves to draw and the other day I found this in her backpack.  She's following in Mummy's footsteps and designing webpages!


Welcome Back!
username: ______
password: _____
Not a Member click here


Tough Girl

I fell, slipping in a wet spot on the floor in Miranda's school. I crashed down on my left side, and my arm took almost all the impact in the crash. I also hit my ankle and my knee to the ground. I got up, said I was ok, but as I walked away, I was feeling nauseous and seeing stars. I was in so much pain and I found it comical that it was that moment when I discovered what "seeing stars" in the cartoons meant. My vision was black, with little white dots floating around. Not nearly as colourful as the yellow stars that float around a character's head in the cartoons. Although I have never experienced the pain of a broken bone, I knew my arm wasn't broken, so I figured I was ok.

I cried the entire drive home. At home, I froze to death, as I packed myself in ice, on my neck, back, and on my arm from my shoulders to my fingers.

So much for my plans to spent the night playing Wii. :( I hope it's better for Sunday, because that's when I pick up my copy of Mario Kart. I am thankful it was the left arm I injured, so at least I still have my mouse hand and my dominant hand to type with.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wii play and Wii have fun

A week ago I was staked out in front of our local FutureShop, waiting for them to open the doors and let the floor of people (all 12 of us) inside to get our Wii's. The store had recieved a shipment on the Tuesday, but they were not releasing them for sale until Friday morning. It was almost like visiting Fort Knox! I'm surprised I didn't have to sign away my soul before they put the Wii box in my hand.

We had to line up at the back, near their stock room, and one by one we were greeted by a sales associate who walked us over to the accessories isle to pick out the rest of our Wii goods, then they carried all our stuff to the cash register to ring up the sale, then escored us to the door. It wasn't until I was 3 feet away from the exit when the Wii was finally placed in my arms.

Miranda was super-dooper excited when I told her I bought it. Saturday afternoon she said her feet were soooo sore from dance classes, yet when we got home, she played Dance Dance Revolution for 45 minutes, and then went on to play some bowling, tennis, and baseball.

I've had fun setting it up! Connecting it to the internet was super easy (I'm loving the new wireless router, which hasn't given me any problems!) I finally figured out how to set up the media center and now I can watch movies from my computer on the TV. I downloaded Pac-Man. And I came in 1st place in a race in Need For Speed ProStreet. I have pre-ordered Mario Kart and I can't wait to get the call to pick it up!! I have created 2 cool Mii's and downloaded them to my controller, so I can't wait to take it to someone's house to stick my Mii's on their box.

Now Miranda wants Rock Band in the worst possible way. She will stand and watch the people in the store play forever, and nearly cry when I tell her it's time to go (ok, that's me being a little over dramatic, but my point is she wants the game). She already has it planned out, she will sing, Scott will play the guitar and Mummy will play the drums. I'll probalby have to get my hands on an xbox because that might be easier than waiting and trying to fight to get a copy of it for the Wii when it is released.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Secret Admirer

I saw the perforated edge and I thought it must have be a receipt, but I did not know what I would have purchased. Also, I was puzzled as to why I had no recollection of tucking the receipt in this spot.note

Mystery solved! It was in fact NOT a receipt, but a letter from a secret admirer!


It reads:

Dear Angel,

Roses are red violets are blue. I ♥ Pondy, but I ♥ you more.

Love, your secret admirer
PS. I am a girl!

Awwww, it's so nice to have a secret admirer! (Pondy is her fish)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

To Hell With Global Warming

because I think Hell would be a deepfreeze... it brings this kind of weather to us in the middle of April:


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cow Comic

On another baby shopping excursion I picked up a copy of the free Oh Baby! magazine when we were at the Baby Department at Sears.  Cindy had just only moments before told me about the latest dangers of plastic bottles and the BPA (Bisphenol A) that leaks from the plastic when the it is heated in the dishwasher or microwave.  Anyway, I took a copy of it back to the office because I saw this silly comic in it.  You have to understand lactation to understand it.


Totally Awkward!

Can you imagine Me ever feeling awkward in a ladies' clothing store?  No way!  Well, it happened...

Yesterday over lunch, Cindy and I went shopping because she was looking for a new top.  We went to the store, she picked some out and went to try them on.  As I waited for her, I found myself feeling terribly out of place. 

pregWe were in a Maternity store! and I was horrified that there was nothing I could buy!  I suppose there was some cream (for stretch marks, and it smelled icky) or some hard sour candies (with sugar and nothing nutritious added, despite the packaging saying they were made specifically for pregnant women), but you think in a store that sold clothes, they would also sell accessories, earrings, necklaces, scarves!  I guess they think pregnant women don't need to accessorize. 

I am so going to write a letter to the Thyme and Motherhood stores.  At Thyme, there wasn't even the cream and candies!  Now, maybe it was because we were at the outlet shops at South Common, but even the outlet shops for Buffalo, Guess, Esprit, Mexx, all carry accessories.  To me, it makes sense, especially for pregnant women.  I mean, everyone loves one-stop shopping, and if you're carrying babies in your belly, it would be easier to run into the maternity store, grab and outfit AND some earrings, then it would be to have to go to one store and then hop in your car, drive down to Clair's hop out and look for earrings there. 

I know when I was pregnant my brain wasn't working all the best so I was more inclined to impulse purchases.  What are these store thinking? PLUS, who shops with pregnant women?  Um, well usually not everyone is pregnant at the same time, so how about, non-pregnant women? I thought every store carries impulse items these days.  You go to Old Navy and you can get mints... everyone can use mints!  Now there's a store that's thinking.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Basket of Goodies

Today, I actually declared that I enjoyed baskets of goodies more than flower deliveries! (although neither is as special as surprise iTunes song deliveries).  This basket of goodies was sent from clients in Denver.  The basket was filled with fudge, French truffles, more chocolates, chocolate cookies, coffee, hot chocolate, butternut crunch popcorn, cashew roca,  fancy crackers and crab pâté.  The only think that could have made it sweeter would be a bottle of champagne!  It's nice to be appreciated.DSC00904

Love is...

... a new Linksys wireless router, orange juice with pulp, and a hot delivery guy.


I know, geek girl alert, getting all excited about a computer gadget gift.  I am so amazingly happy to unplug the POS D-Link that would never hold the connection.  Thank you thank you thank you!!  Now I'm off to browse music on iTunes from bed on the Touch.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wii Wii Wii

Miranda wants a Wii.
I want a Wii with a pink controller.
I told her we could save up for one together. She is so freaking excited about this prospect and on her own she has formulated a list of things she can to to raise some Wii money. Below is her list.

Ways to make money for a Wii - 200 and something $

  1. get a job
  2. do not spend money
  3. sell lemonade and cookies-ice cream
  4. stained glass art sale
  5. sell my old clothes and toys
  6. bake sale
  7. recycle bottles and cans
  8. sing/act
  9. band
  10. sell homemade place mats
  11. hair designs
  12. car wash
  13. pet wash
  14. book sale
  15. puppet/doll sale/show
  16. tutoring
  17. paper maché
  18. haunted house
  19. games
  20. kid school

The only words she spelled wrong were maché (mashé) and tutoring (tutttering).

I am impressed that she didn't have "ask Mummy for money" on there. hehe

25 + 7

math_nerdsI was teasing one of my clients today about his inability to add 25+7.  He said it was 31.  When I informed him that 25+7=32, he came back with a snappy comic...

I didn't reply right away, and he thought I was offended.  I replied that I loved it, and the delay was because I was putting it on my blog. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It is amusing to see what others look up on the Internet.  Here is a list of keywords people are googling and hitting my blog with.  Surprisingly, not one has the word pink in it. :(


Monday, April 07, 2008

Happiness and Disaster

black-yellow-hm I was at the fish store this weekend with my Mum and Miranda.  I saw this Beta fish that had a black body and creamy yellowy coloured fins.  (kinda like this one, only it was darker black and the fins were not so yellow) I wanted it sooo bad!  I was going to name in Disaster.  Kind of a cruel and foreboding name to give an animal, but it seemed suitable. 

I was also going to get another one and name it Happiness.  In the end, Disaster was not for sale, so I walked out of the store with Happiness, and a new fish for Miranda.  I think she has named it Violet.



Eager for Spring


I can't believe how much it snowed Friday night, probably almost a foot!  Surprisingly, I wasn't too depressed by this latest dumping of the white stuff.  In fact, with the weather being warm on Saturday, I wanted to play in the snow.  I didn't, but I should have.

The roads were treacherous in the morning, skating rink slippery.  I nearly took out a stop sign and a mail box at my mum's place when making a right turn, as my car slid into the other lane.  Good thing there was no on-coming traffic.  Then, I nearly slid into a guardrail a block away from Scott's house.  Thankfully by the time I left, almost all the snow had melted from the roads.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Angel's favourite movies

The boyfriend watches a lot of movies.  I don't watch very many.  I see trailers and say "Oh! I want to see that one!!" but in the end, months and months and months  go by, and I still haven't seen Ocean's Thirteen or The Departed (I love Matt Damon is my moviestar boyfriend) or 300 or 20 other movies I said I really wanted to see. 

I am also impressed by how much detail he remembers from movies.  Usually I watch a movie and forget about it, whereas he can remember who acted, who directed, and all that.

I decided to try to compose a list of my favourite movies.  Here is what I came up with (in the order they came to me).

  • Garden State
  • Wristcutters
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Being John Malkovich
  • The Nines
  • The Princess Bride
  • Emma
  • Transformers
  • Vanilla Sky
  • The Matrix trilogy
  • The Bourne trilogy