Monday, August 31, 2009

My friend, Charlotte

S is being possessive of the first 2 spiders, but he has graciously granted me ownership of the third, “nameless” spider.  His “boy” spiders are “8-Legs” and “Wheels”.  I have named my girl spider “Charlotte”. 

Here is Charlotte in her sleeping place:

Here is Charlotte fixing her web tonight:IMG_1664

Here is a view of Charlotte’s under side.  It’s cool how she is dangling from her silk thread, and the other threads are wrapped around her.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jewel Spider

I think spiders are disgusting, yet I have developed a morbid fascination with these backyard guests. 

With the help of Google, it wasn’t hard for me to identify the spiders.  I have been in Edmonton for almost my whole life and this was the first year I have ever seen them!

(This one built its web between the rungs of the deck railing, in the path of the porch light)

Jewel Spiders, Alberta’s version of Charlotte from Charlotte's Web.  They found in the South and Central regions of Alberta, and they are non-poisonous. They are sometimes call the cat spider because the markings on its back look like a cat’s face.

They build orb webs (the circular looking ones), near houses, in the path of lights that are on in the evenings, because the bugs attracted to the lights will fly into the web while en route to the bright lights.

They are a large spider, measuring up to 20mm long.

(This picture is the underbelly side of the spider above.)

There are horns (bumps) near where the abdomen connects to the head, and a ridge in the shape of a V on the abdomen.  Their legs are hairy.

(This one has it’s web by the side door to the garage, where there is a motion activated porch light.  It crawls under the eaves to sleep during the day)

The ones in S’s yard are females.  This is the time of year they are producing and preparing to lay their egg sack.  They will die within a few days of dropping the sack.  The sack will sit over winter and hatch in the Spring, with hundreds of babies.  They will produce a silk strand and the wind will carry them away… just like in the movie!

I have to admit, my research has increased my awe and fondness for our little buddies.  These mamas-to-be are non-threatening and really do keep to themselves.  It’s sad to know that one day we’ll be out in the yard and the spiders will be nowhere to be found.  It’s then that we’ll know they have died.  :(

(The third spider, just found Saturday night)

Help me identify this spider

IMG_1606S has some “friends” in his backyard.  Three icky spiders that like to build HUGE webs.  The only good thing is that these spiders stick close to there webs and we have found their sleeping spots, so I know they won’t be crawling on me at any time.  They are the largest spiders I have seen in Edmonton.  I have no idea what they are called, though.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Post Rapture Pet Care Center


Do you wonder what is going to happen to your pets when Jesus descends from Heaven to re-unite the Church with the Father taking all Christians - dead and alive - up to Heaven? Will your pets be left behind with no-one to care for them?

Have no fear! We at Post Rapture Pet Care are confirmed atheists and as such will be part of the left behind when the time comes. Just because we are atheists doesn't mean we are not animal lovers. We adore all kind of pets and would love to look after your pets after you are gone.

For a small donation of £69.99 pounds, we will make sure your pets are well fed and taken care of long after you and your family have been taken up.

We have representatives in the South East of England and also in the North East of Scotland so can accommodate for most areas of the country giving you peace of mind where ever you are.

This is not a joke. We feel very strongly about pet care and want to offer the best possible services to British pet owners. Feel free to get in touch for more info.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Blackberry tip

I just discovered that if you type "mypin" on a Blackberry, the auto
text feature will correct it to be your pin number. I wish I found
have discoveted this sooner.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Angel’s First Folk Fest-y Event

I complained in the afternoon about having to get things ready to go to the outdoor concert at the Folk Fest site (an event I was super stoked to be going to for weeks leading up to this week, thinking it would be awesome to sit out in the warm sun and listen to awesome music), because the forecast has been cold, cloudy, and rainy all week, and I didn’t know what to wear  and I didn’t want to be cold and wet and muddy and I hate dressing in layers and I don’t have a rain jacket and I didn’t want to be not wearing heels and didn’t want to fighting traffic for parking at the University and didn’t want to have to take the public shuttle and I wanted to take Miranda but didn’t want her staying up late because she has an early morning swim class I didn’t want her to miss…

I was almost hoping it would start pouring before hand, and I could stay at home.  But I got over my freak out, and the weather was chilly but I stayed warm, with a few drops of rain falling during the show.  The rain held up until the concert ended and we started to leave.  I didn’t complain about a single thing once we were in the gates, not even having to walk all the way from the bottom of the hill to the very top of the steeeep hill to take the extra ticket to the top gate!

The sound was sensational.  Tracy Chapman was nice to listen to, playing great songs like Fast Car, and Talking ‘bout A Revolution, and then Sarah McLachlan, the whole reason why I agreed to go to a Folk Fest event, was sensational and lovely.  The highlight for me was to hear her voice, haunting and penetrating, as she sang my favourite song, Possession. (we missed Meaghan Smith because we were tardy, and it wasn’t the girl taking the long time getting ready.)

sarah mclachlan
(Sarah singing Possession)

I am so glad I had the opportunity to see the show. (thanks to my Mum, who did a great job of taking care of all of us, from setting up a sitting area for us well before we got there, chauffeuring us to the front gates, bringing us blanket and cushions and nuts and drinks, and for not getting short tempered when I was difficult in the afternoon)

I’m a sleepy girl now, and I wanted to at least record a little bit of my fun night before it all drifts out of my sleepy head.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Facebook Suggests

I took a look at the Facebook Suggests you add these people area and this is what jumped out at me.


Should I be a little cheesed that they didn’t suggest Robert Pattinson too?  I think they are implying I should take her side in their break-up.  Or are they back together again?  I can’t ever keep up with the tabloid headlines.  Maybe they know that and suggested I become a fan so I can be kept up to date. haha!

ps – I had to look up his name.  I always just think of them as Kristen and Edward.  Even at that, it took months of me asking Who??, every time her name came up, for me to finally match her name to her face.

Anyway, that’s my fun for the day.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pimped the BB

I pimped out the blackberry with a pink theme and jeweled case.


Push: one push can change everything

Back in October, we saw a trailer for a movie called Push.  It kind of  looked interesting, but seemed to be a Heroes rip-off.  At the time, I was done with Heroes, having not enjoyed the last season, with the constant infuse of new characters and then their quick kill offs.

Last night we finally watched Push and I could say that maybe the low expectation level made it all the more enjoyable, but I think that wouldn’t be accurate.

Right from the first scene it pulled you in.

It’s about a group of Americans (with psychic abilities), who are in Hong Kong and racing against a Chinese group (also possessing special abilities) and a US government agency (that wants to transform the special abilities into a super-army) to locate a special case.

There is a lot of character development but it’s presented in a gripping fashion.  I found the filing to be very interesting, with angles and shots that are non-traditional, but that didn’t make you dizzy.  The colours in the movie are also really neat.  I wish I had more technical words to use to describe it. 

A joke from M

I overheard M talking to her uncle on the phone the other day.  Here is her side of the conversation.

Uncle Rollie, do you know how to say ‘snail’ in French?  It’s escargot.

What to hear a joke? 

A snail goes to the car dealership and tells the salesman that he wants to buy a S-car.  The salesman asks, “why do you want an S-car?”  The snail said, “so when I drive past going very fast, people will say, look at that s-car go!” 

Get it?  Escargot.