Friday, May 30, 2008

First thoughts of the day

My waking thought this morning...

That incestuous beeping is interrupting my sleep!

(my brain hadn't fully registered that it was the alarm signally me to wake up; I just interpretted it as annoying beeping, like as if a large truck was backing up outside my open window)

Immediately afterwards, Dallas Green started singing to me in my head.

'Cause maybe then I could sleep at night
I wouldn't lie awake until the morning light
This is something that I'll never control
My nerves will be the death of me, I know...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rocking out with my two favourite men *drool*

My favourite man took me out on a date to see our other favourite man - Dallas Green, at his City & Colour concert at the Jubilee. It was quite a different show from when we saw him last. Last year, we saw Dallas at the Winspere, in a very intimate acoustic show.

Tonight, he had a band with him, and after the surprise of seeing so many people on stage, we were ready to enjoy the show. (I wa hoping he'd pull Casey Baker ut of his back pocket, but he didn't.) Dallas totally rocked out some of his old songs, Sam Malone, Simple Man, Day Old Hate, and Coming Home. It blew me away how amazing it was! Well, maybe not, because I already knew Dallas is amazing, but it was so cool to see him outside of the Alexisonfire and acoustic hats he usually wears.

I recorded some videos. They might be funny to watch because the camera was sometimes pointed in the general direction of the stage, and sometimes just sitting in my lap. I wanted to actually watch the concert, and not just follow it through the tiny view screen. I also grossly under-estimated the capacity of my memory card, and I should have taken complete videos of all the songs. :(

It's hard to pick a favourite song of the night. He played some of the new songs of his I love, like The Girl, Death of Me, and Sleeping Sickness, but I think his old songs stole the show. His rocking versions of Simple Man and Coming Home leave me begging for him to put out a live CD of this tour.

The Girl (clip):

Simple Man (clip):

Ballet Exam Results

Miranda passed her grade 2 RAD exam with the mark of distinction this year! Here is a video of her character dance, performed this past weekend at her RAD awards ceremony/ballet spring tea.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gala Gown

The Givenchy dress that Natalie Portman wore to the amFAR's Cinema Against AIDS gala in Cannes is stunning!  It is so interesting to look at,; it makes my eyes happy!  At the same time, it's loud and subdued and strong and soft.  I want it, I want it, I want it!!!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Off the Chart

I didn't actually listen to Innerpartysystem 652 times this past week, although they did play 652 times this past week from my various music devices.  You see, I left the music running on my work computer for the entire weekend, so it was cycling through all the tracks on this one album.  I like Innerpartysystem, but I don't listen to anything 52 times one week. ;) 


No Sugar Added, Because You're Sweet Enough!

pink_energy Shaking it up, this morning I stopped at 7-11 and grabbed a Premium Pink Energy sugar-free drink.  Why?  Duh! because it's PINK!

It's a light pink colour, like pink lemonade, but it has a light grapefruit taste.  Zero calories, and NO aspartame, and no bitter aftertaste.  My only complaint is that is comes in a 355mL can, which is a lot to drink, and a lot of can for me to wrap my hand around. (Red Bull and SoBe Arush come in convenient palm-sized 250mL cans)

It's made by Buzz Energy, the company that makes the Canadian energy drink Beaver Buzz, dam good!


sobeI fell off the Red Bull wagon, or I'm back on it, whatever the bad expression for returning to an addiction is; I can never remember!

This time my addiction is slightly modified, and my drink of choice is SoBe Arush (marketed in other countries as SoBe Adrenaline Rush) sugar-free.  I'll still slug back a sugar-free Red Bull if it is placed in front of me, but SoBe is usually cheaper and tastes different.  Red Bull has a sweet cherry flavour, whereas SoBe Arush is more refreshing with its grapefruit-citrus taste.

I prefer the sugar-free to the regular kind, as the absence of sugar reduces the crash factor that would follow from elevated glucose levels.

I am being mindful of my energy drink consumption, as last year I was drinking 2 cans daily and as a result, experienced bouts of weakness, tiredness, dizziness and light-headedness.  Through Internet research I discovered that Taurine (was first isolated from ox bile, so I bet that's where Red Bull got its name from) is used as a natural approach to treat hypertension.  As a girl with already low blood pressure, 2 energy drinks a day was pushing my bp to near coma levels.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New pink thing

My new pink Cosmo-tini USB hub, complete with a pink cable.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer has arrived!

Pink skin = a result of spending 2 hours walking at the legislature grounds without sunscreen.  I thought it would have been a lot worse.  Next time I'm packing the sunscreen and the bikini!


One fountain was on and the spray carried by the wind was delightfully refreshing after baking in the hot sun.DSC01044

My afternoon partners in crime:DSC01043

Rosy Bourke

Pink birds at PJ's Petstore!  They are a type of Parakeet, called Rosy Bourke.  One was pink and grey; the other was pink and yellow.



Regular $349.99 each, on sale $299.99 each, or both for $499.99

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Problem With Video Games

645px-PeachKartWii It is suggested that I might have developed a Wii addiction, spending hours on end playing Mario Kart, neglecting the cleaning, TV viewing, music listening, and Internet surfing, that I usually spend evenings doing. When driving in my car, I constantly think to myself, I wish my Civic could do stunt jumps and get turbo boosts from drifting around corners!mariogg7

Monday, May 12, 2008

Doggie Bag Art

Miranda, the horse crazy girl, brought home a mini cheeseburger from Joey's in a carton she decorated at the restaurant.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Fish Replacement

A few weeks ago, Miranda and I picked out 2 new fish for the house.  I thought it would be brilliant if I get one for the office, too, so I would have something to "care for".  The moment passed and I can barely take care of myself, so why the heck would I want something else to have to care for?  Then, JJ brings me a plant to work. 

Me, take care of a plant?  The great thing about a child is that she tells me when she needs something.  I don't hear boo from the plant!  I won't be offended if people take bets as to how long it lives.  I've had the plant for maybe not even 2 weeks, and already twice I have watered it because the leaves were starting to shrivel. 

But it's pink!! and in a pink pot!  (I do like the gift) Oh just think of the things I can do with a pink pot if the plant dies! (like get a fake plant!)


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jump down, turn around

The second song Miranda performed - Jump Down Turn Around.  She's the kid with a black shirt and plaid skirt, hair pulled off her face.  After watching it, I bet you will be humming Oh Lordy, pick a bale of cotton... (I know I am!)

Jump down, turn around
To pick a bale of cotton
Jump down, turn around
To pick a bale a day.

Oh Lordy, pick a bale of cotton,
Oh Lordy, pick a bale a day.

My Song Bird

Tonight was Miranda's Spring Musical concert at school (to make up for the cancelled Christmas concert, as the students had been forced out of their school because of the fire).

Miranda was so excited to be playing the tambourine. Their first song was a French one, Sur le pont d'Avignon, which is a song about people dancing on the medieval bridge in Avignon, France.  The song dates back to the 15th century!

Miranda is in the black shirt, with the tambourine, in front of the kid with the plaid shirt.  I wish I had a better video, but we were in the back row so we could sneak out after her performance.

Sur le pont d’Avignon
On y danse, on y danse
Sur le pont d’Avignon
On y danse tout en rond

Les beaux messieurs font comm’ ça
Et puis encore comm’ ça

Les belles dames font comm’ ça
Et puis encore comm’ ça

Les militaires font comm’ ça
Et puis encore comm’ ça

Les musiciens font comm’ ça
Et puis encore comm’ ça.

On the bridge of Avignon
We all dance there, we all dance there
On the bridge of Avignon
We all dance there in a ring

The handsome gentlemen go this way
Then again go that way

The beautiful ladies go this way
Then again go that way

The soldiers go this way
Then again go that way

The musicians go this way
Then again go that way

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pretty Buildings

pip People in Planes have a new song out - Pretty Buildings.  Listen to it (and more songs from their upcoming album) on their MySpace page.  Right now they are even offering Pretty Buildings for download.