Friday, June 29, 2007

Icon Kitty

Scott and I went to Riverside today to pick up his new pipes and my new pink Icon Kitty jacket... brand spanking new, the zipper pulls and buckles still wrapped in paper. The first flesh it touched was mine. Are you excited to see it? :D

Meet PINK power ranger!!

I can't help but be reminded of Pink Power Ranger when I see myself dressed up like this in pink and white, but I look waaaaay cooler.

I was trying to point to the decal... I have no idea how I managed to never catch what it said until I got the jacket home today. I guess I was always too excited about the stars or something like that. I paid... well I'm not going to tell how much I paid, but I paid a hell of a lot for a jacket that says hooker on it. I don't know how I feel about that! Hopefully people will be too busy paying attention to how hot I look and not to reading what the jacket actually says.

I googled Hooker Headers and found this - The Hooker line of Super Competition™ & Competition™ headers, mufflers and catback exhaust systems are the most complete on the market. So the applique is a legit company, and not advertising that I am available for purchase. hahaha

Putting on my new Icon Tuscadero gloves (a birthday gift from my brother)

Anxiety Attack

This screen is probably enough to send hundreds of thousands of people into fits of anxiety this morning!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quack Doctor

I went to a new Crack doctor (Chiropractor) who is really a Quack doctor, located across the street from my office. Aparently they are of a branch of Chirporactic that have only a handful of doctors in the province are trained to do. He gave a little presentation before starting the extensive evaluation process. I received a hand-out as I was leaving which sort of outlines what he was talking about.

Fundamentally, it could have been summed up by saying that their primary focus is the integrity of your nervous system, which controls and regulates the function of every tissue in your body.

Honestly, I couldn't care less what their primary fucntion is, just as long as my bones are alligned and I can resume running, then I will be happy. He did do a good job. He looked at where I was out of align and focused on correcting those areas, as opposed to the standard, let's give everything a crack and that should fix it method. I'm not better, but I can tell that my body is responding positively to the adjustment.

But was really pissed me off was this BS story I had to listen to...

Chiropractic says that we are all just like acorns. It says that God* (*yes, at the mention of this word my eyes glazed over, and I lost the ability to take this guy seriously) gave each and every one of us a very special and unique purpose as well. This is our potential. And, just like the acorn, in order for you and your family to reach your potential, you require a few things as well.

You need some sun, air, water, good nutrition, and one thing more...

You must be free from interference in your nerve systems so that you can fully express your Life Force and move continually toward the realization of your purpose and potential in life!

When your brain and body can fully communicate, your "Innate Intelligence" can more accurately comprehend and respond to all of the physical, chemical, mental and emotional stresses you encounter in your life. This allows you to better adapt to those stresses, heal any injuries you may have and continue growing and unfolding into whatever you are ultimately meant to be.

The subluxation process interferes with normal communication between your brain and the cells of your body. As a result, you no longer have full expression of your "Innate intelligence" or "Life Force." This decreases your ability to adapt completely to internal and external stresses. In turn, the body functions at less than optimal levels. This is referred to as a state of "dis-ease."

The specific chiropractic adjustment process removes the interference caused by
subluxations. This restores the free flow of your Life Force and the ability to
adapt, heal and continue growing physically, mentally emotionally and even

The result is an ever-increasing realization of your potential in life!

When I go back tomorrow, I wonder what will be said. If I have to hear one more mention of God and Life Force I think I will tell him to stop the crap and just fix my bones, because I am calm and serene until he mentioned the G word. Even thinking about it now makes me get all irritable and annoyed. It's not that I feel like he is forcing religion on me, but since I do not believe in ANY God, I find it offensive to have a supreme being referenced so much in a professional setting.

As a new patient, when I was calling to make the appointment (and identifying myself as a new patient!) they should have confirmed whether or not I know that their center is "special".

I am all about finding out what's wrong with my body and working to correct it, both with a doctor and with maintenance at home. I don't think Chiropractic is going to do anything for my Life Force... I don't think Ieven have a Life Force... but it will greatly improve my mood and quality of life to get me up and running again.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Works of Art

It is the end of the year and Miranda brought home her Art folder today. CLICK to see the gallery Some of the projects are amazing!
I am going to have these ones framed.

Mushrooms 'n Stuff (pastels)

Everybody Loves A Clown (pastels)

Happy Mountain Fish (paint)

Monday, June 25, 2007

No more plants PLEASE

My step-mum bought me a nice Gerbera Daisy (my favourite flower) houseplant for Mother's Day. Six weeks later, it's dead. Miranda will bring home plants from Baba's house or from school and they are now all dead. I have one Hibiscus plant that I have had for 6 years and it's a FREAKING MIRACLE that the plant is still alive, what with the number of times I have pushed it to the fronts doors of death. Currently, it has 3 green leaves on it, and many more brown ones. I joke to my family that the only reason my child is still alive is because she tells me when I need to feed her, and that I can't keep a plant to save my life. I am a cut flower person... they are expected to die, and when they die, I don't feel guilty about it! With that being said, I can't remember the last time I recieved a bouquet of flowers. Oh ya I can.... Eelke bought me sunflowers last Spring, and then Rhonda from my old work bought be Gerberas for my birthday. Wow, no flowers for a whole year!

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Statue

On Saturday afternoon I was a bit sad. Scott was hung over and not much in the mood for going out another night. (I had the exact same problem on my birthday last year, only it was a different guy.) I went shopping to make myself feel better, but it didn't really help. (just like last year) I walked into Tinbox and was sooo tempted to buy this wall mirror that I really want (shaped like a dress on a hanger, and carries a $190 price tag). Instead I grabbed the first nice, but not going to break the bank, thing I found, and bought it really without thinking. It didn't make me feel much better, and then I was also feeling guilty for buying a trinket that I really did not need. But I do like it, and it reminds me of my ballerina Miranda, and is appropriate, since I bought it the day after her dance recital. She's not itty bitty (any more), like the girl in the statue.

What did make things a little better was when Scott said he knew it was important to me (for him to be out with me for my birthday festivities), and so he would be there with me. I was delighted, but still felt guilty because I knew he would have preferred a quiet night.... and I just want him to be happy.

He had a nap, never complained, and we had a nice time. I need to listen to him more often - he said everything would work out, and he was right.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Three cakes in three days

click for larger imageThis was the first time in my life that I spent ALL weekend celebrating my birthday.

(click on the picture pile to see the album)
click to see the Gunned Show Part 2 photo albumFriday night it was a party at The Emerald! Scott and I showed up fashionably late ;) Jenny was so sweet and decorated the place with streamers and balloons (and even water balloons outside!). I went upstairs with Glenn to get a hoody so this high maintenance princess (as he was calling me) could go outside and not get eaten by the mosquitoes. I went downstairs to see everyone (no small feat, since people had been all over the place a few moments earlier) gathered around a chocolate cake in the kitchen. It even had my name on it!! And they sang to me! I blew out the candles, 5 stayed lit, and someone piped up that all 5 boyfriends are here tonight.

click to see the Birthday Party, the second photo album
Saturday night the party started at Michelle & Jennifer's pad. They decorated with pink & purple streamers (my favourite colours), had my favourite snacks (munchie mix, lime chips & salsa), made an angel food cake with my favourite berries, and Melissa whipped up the most heavenly blender drinks ever!! I blew out the candles, and when 1 stayed lit, Scott eagerly asked, Is it me?! Moving the party to Whyte Ave, we walked into the first place that didn't have a line up. I didn't even know the name of it! They played cheesy music, but in my drunken state I didn't mind it, and even enjoyed it! The clock went past midnight and I didn't clue in that the day was now actually my birthday. ps - I know I was supposed to call some people to come to meet for drinks, but by that time I wasn't able to operate a phone!

click to view the Birthday Dinner photo albumSunday... I wake up, walk to the living room where Scott is at the computer. A: *yawning* It's my birthday today. S: *perky because he has been up for a couple of hours* I know! Happy Birthday, Babe! Then we talk about our usual favourite things, (his) Warcraft, motorbikes, more WoW, (mine) clothes, pink things, shopping, (ours) music, motorbike clothes, Facebook & computers, TV & movies. We visited his mum, then he had to pack for his camping trip. :( I went for dinner at Cosmos with my family (mum, dad, brother, step-mum, Miranda). I knew they brought a cake (they always do) but this time they actually started singing, and so did the waiter. It was most embarrassing! Then the belly dancer came out to perform. Miranda was being a ham for the camera. My brother complained about the flash, so that's why most of the pictures of him are in focus with him squinty-eyed, or blurry with him (maybe) managing to keep his eyes open.

Nerd Alert!

Guess who wears glasses now....
Me, with glasses, and my brother
I don't really need them; they only help if I am looking at something very far away. But hey, any reason to shop, right?! And they are pink!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vroom broom broom broom broom

Check out the new pipes!
First it was trying to pick out a new bike, then weeks of waiting for his old bike to sell, and then trying to decide what pipes to put on it... yes, his bike looks great, but one of the best parts is how he tries to include me in the decision making. I mean, he asks my opinion... I don't know how much weight it actually holds. I don't think I could persuade him against something if I didn't like it. I think he would just try harder to convince me to agree with him (like with the side license plate, which I only agreed would be cool when I saw the curved side mount kind!)

I got in trouble on the weekend for not always holding on with two hands. I better listen because I don't want to have my riding privileges suspended!! I like how when we're going to go really fast, he will pull my hands to make sure they are locked together around his waist.

Look how happy he is!

Monday, June 11, 2007

6 Cab Cars & 3 Police Cars

Eeeek! When things like this happen it is scary to know that I'm a woman living alone. Something could have happened to me when I was walking from my home to my car, and no one would have known what happened because I hadn't told anyone where I was going. Well, that's not entirely true, since I did post my status update on Facebook to say that I was going to London Drugs and then home to watch a movie... but no one was expecting me home later that evening, I didn't have plans to call anyone, and Scott said he might call me later on, but not to count on it.
On Saturday evening I came home from having dinner with Scott and his family and saw two police cars and a Co-Op taxi cab stopped in the middle of the road at 88A St and 144 Ave. Along the side of the road were another 5 cab Co-Op cars and one other police car.

I went home, piddled on the computer and stuff and some time later decided to go to London Drugs. The Police cars and some of the taxi cabs were still there! I did my shopping (which took a while, as I spent a small fortune on beauty supplies!!) and when I went home, the cars were still there!

Today I saw on the Sonic newsflash blog that a Co-Op cab driver was slashed on the arm while picking up a fair in the north end. He is expected to be ok and the police have 2 people in custody.

More details ... they 2 people supposedly held a knife to his throat! Here is the news article.

Forced to stay awake

I have a habit of falling asleep during movies. Morning, afternoon, evening, it doesn't matter what time of day, put me in a dark room and a screen to focus on and I usually end up dozing off.

Last week we watched Idiocracy, and in true form, I fell alseep, waking up just in time for the ending, and not understanding what the hell was going on. This weekend, Scott rented The Ringer, with Johnny Knoxville. He had watched it before and said it was a movie he thought I would like. I was already tired because it was late, and I had spend 2 hours swatting off mosquitos in the garage as Scott and the boys attempted to install the new pipes on his bike (boooring). Five minutes into the movie I was sooo ready to fall asleep! The boyfriend wouldn't let me, and kept poking me awake. He was right, though, the movie was funny and sweet and inspiring.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm in love

I'm in love with more than one man and they have been keeping me up late night after night all week long!! I finally started watching Entourage and now I am half way through the third season. I cannot decide who I love the most! I think Vince (Adrian Grenier) is drop dead gorgeous with his dark wavy hair and his blue eyes, and Eric (Kevin Connolly) is sooo cute. Scott thinks I'm silly because he thinks Drama (Kevin Dillon) and Ari (Jeremy Piven) are the cool characters.

Unlike my boyfriend, these men will be around to keep me company on my birthday... Season 4 of Entourage starts this Sunday.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dance Dance

For those of you (mainly one boyfriend in partiular) who missed these pictures on my facebook page... Miranda has photos at the dance studio on Saturday. The green/black is her Tap (Crocodile Rock) costume; the white/black/red is her Ballet (Ukrainian dance) costume; and the orange/pink/yellow is her Jazz (Tiki Tiki Room dance) costume. Her dance recital is on Thursday and Friday of next week, at the Arden Theatre in St Albert.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Which Sex and the City character are you?

Someone puts together a quiz with 4 questions, and based on your answers, they think they can tell sooo much about your personality. I'm smart, I wouldn't call myself a leader, and I would by no means say that I am a people magnet. I suppose you could say I have a positive aura, if smiling a lot contrubutes to an aura. I didn't need a quiz to tell me I'm a Carrie - I already call myself a Carrie because of the recent expansion of my shoe collection. Sadly, none of mine are not $545 Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo, but if I had that kind of spare change lying around, they sure would be!!

Which Sex and the City character are you?

You are Carrie!
You are sexy and smart. Carrie is the central character of the show, which means that you are a leader and have a positive aura. You have a balance of sex appeal and intellect. You are a people magnet.
Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Awww... haha!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Monday, June 04, 2007

Spinning on my ipod

  1. Shine Your Cadillac - by Evans Blue (actually every song on their new album rocks!)

  2. Every Word is a Knife in my Ear - by The Bravery (I really like their new album too!)

  3. I Don't Wanna Stop - Ozzy Osbourne

  4. Misery Business - by Paramore

  5. Monster - by The Automatic Automatic

  6. Two Sisters - by Fiction Plane (I'm kinda bummed now that I didn't go to the show on Friday)

  7. Heaven is Full - Under the Influence of Giants

  8. Move Away - by The Killers

  9. What I Need - By Stereoside

  10. In this World - by Linkin Park

  11. Favourie Sin - by Within Reason

Over analyzing

Now that I think about it, is Scott protecting me on the bike because he genuinely doesn't want anything to happen to me? Or is he so protective of me because he is scared for his own life if his mother was ever to find out that I was hurt as a result of participating in his wreckless hobby? (they aren't too keen on the idea of him having a bike) Hmmmm....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Riding with the boyfriend rocks!

On Friday evening, Scott too me for my first ride on his motorbike!!

At first I clung to him, my fingers locked together around his waist as I realised this was a lot more dangerous than being on the snowmobile because of the cars around us! This was also the first time I had been on a bike since becoming a mother. My life is more valuable now that I am responsible for someone other than just myself.

At first the bumps were a little jolting, but once I realised that I was not going to fall off when we turned the corners, nor would I be blown backwards off the bike by the wind (even when on the freeway), I relaxed, my hands unlocked, I smiled to myself and thought, If this isn't nice then I don't know what is.

I admit I love the danger. It's exciting! I also love that I have someone who I can trust with my life. (I don't want anything happening to me because I don't trust anyone to raise Miranda in my absence!) My voice of reason, he told me I couldn't wear my cropped pants, made sure I was wearing jeans and a jacket (and of course my new pink Kitty helmet :D ). It is a wonderful break to have such a carefree moment, where I can stop protecting everyone and everything around me, and for once have someone protecting me.

We rode across town to Millwoods to visit his friend Joe. On the ride home the sun had set and it was a lot chillier than our ride earlier in the evening. At one point while we were zipping down the freeway (I have no idea how fast we were going but I am guessing it was within the speed limit since Scott is safe like that) Scott did something that melted my heart: ♥ he put one of his hands over both of my hands to shield them from the wind and to keep them warm. ♥

When we got home, I hopped off the bike, pointed to my helmet, and exclaimed with pride, I have bug guts!! Yes, I did have a blast!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dr Kevorkian

Dr Jack Kevorkian spent 8 years in jail for helping people end their suffering. Some people say he deserved the 2nd degree murder conviction, but I do not. I watched my grandmother die slowly and painful, pumped full of morphine, and still in pain. She was terminally ill. She had cancer. She had cancer in her bones. She had cancer in her lungs. It wasn't really the cancer that killed her, because not only were her lungs full of cancerous tissue, but also full of fluid, the fluid that slowed drowned her. We were told that she passed in her sleep. She drowned in her sleep is what happened.

I used to visit her every Sunday. I would have stopped a long time ago, but the visits from us, and particularly from Miranda, really lifted her spirits. The last time I saw her, she had begged me to help her. She said she was in pain, it hurt, and would I please help her. I asked, Baba, what do you need me to help you with? She then repeated, It hurts. The next time I saw her was at her funeral. I couldn't go back to visit her. I let my Mum take Miranda to visit. As a child, I had never seen illness and suffering like that and I guess in a way I wanted Miranda to see it so she would be able to deal with it better later in life. Me, I have been out of the country when my grandfather and great-baba died, so I haven't had to deal with death until Baba, and it took me more than a year to really be able to deal with it.

The largest issue I had was to see how fast a human can deteriorate, and the lengths that the medical profession goes through in order to keep a patient hanging on. To what end? My Baba was confined to a hospital bed, maybe the odd push in a wheel chair. Where is the life in that. Sitting and waiting for the inevitable. Pumped full of drugs until she can no longer distinguish who is her daughter and who is her granddaughter. Even now it makes me so full of rage, the tears are pooling in my eyes, when I think about how she was treated.

I bought Miranda a kitten. The kitten was sick. She had feline leukemia. She had fluid in her lungs. What did we do? We ended her suffering and had her put to sleep. We did what the vet said was the humane thing to do. We treat animals better than we treat our own species! We allow animals more compassion and dignity than we do our loved ones! When my Baba's old dog was having strokes persistently, and when he was losing the use of his legs, she did the humane thing and had him put down. My Baba couldn't walk and "we" said, oh look, a nice chair for you to sit in!

On the day I last visited her, when she begged me to help her, I was scared. I was scared that when I asked her what she needed help with, that she would ask me to help her die. Would I have? Probably not, because I didn't want to go to jail! Did I want to, yes! I wanted to do something to help end her pain and suffering, and if she wanted the lights to go out then and there, I would not have held that against her.

I hope if I am ever in her position, that someone will show me love and compassion and help speed up the dying process. I hope that I can have a Dr Kevorkian at my bedside. He is famous for his quotation, dying is not a crime, and it shouldn't be, yet we make it a crime, and then why are we not punished when we help other animals die?