Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What happened?!

I leave her at Grandma's house for the weekend and she comes back looking like this:

And the braids are supposed to last for a month!!
Oh, guess what's coming out before the wedding we're attending on Aug 18th.
She likes it, but it's not my cup of tea.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stormy night

(disclaimer: my story about last night's storm is not as brilliant as Noemi's, but reading her piece inspired me to write this down so I have it to look back upon another time)

I was on the phone bullshitting with Jay (we were talking about the date he just had with a new girl) when the thunder, lightening, then rain started. I went upstairs to close the windows. My phone, his phone, who knows, started making an annoying noise, so we hung up and I went back to my packing frenzie. I didn't bother to look outside again.

Scott called me just before 10:00, checking to see if I was ok. I replied, of course I am ok, and gave an amused laugh that said, why wouldn't I be ok? it's only a little rain!

Today at dinner, Scott said he had a dream last night that it was raining and he didn't like that Miranda and I were by ourselves, so he hitched up a sailboat to his dream truck and drove to my house. He picked us up and the water was so high that the truck got stuck, so we climbed out the back and sailed off to his parents' place to pick up the rest of the family. They were sitting on the roof because the water was so high! As we sailed past a motorboat, his brother-in-law waved and said, haha suckers!

(his version was much better, and more entertaining than my second-handed attempt)

It's endearing to find out he was worried about me all night, while I was totally oblivious to the severity of it all.

ps - I dreamt about us shopping!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Family Lake Day

chillaxin on the boatTwo weeks ago, it was family day with the Mitchells. We piled into the vehicles and pulled the boat to Pigeon Lake. The sun spent most of the afternoon hiding behind the clouds, and the water was extra rough and rocky. Half of us nearly got soaked at one point or another, and Logan almost got sick from fright after nearly getting thrown overboard (Scott and I admitted to each other that our stomachs also felt a little queasy) while the boat sped through the rough water.

Eventually he settled and despite being tortured, by Scott and his parents, with country music in the truck, and despite the conditions not being perfect for boating, the boys caught 2 fish, we shared a wonderful sandwich lunch and a bunch of laughs... it was the perfect day! Scott and Miranda competed to use my lap as a pillow on the drive home. I was absolutely exhausted when I got home at the end of the day, but even now, I still smile when I think about how fun the day was!! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Golfing with a Pro

Two weeks ago, the International Tour Professionals were in town for the TELUS Edmonton Open presented by ATB Financial, and on Saturday, some of the Pros were at the Victoria Golf Course particiapting in the McDonald's Small Fry Golf Clinic, teaching children the fundamentals of golf.

George Bradford was the golfer who was working with Miranda on the driving range. Some parents were a little fanatical, asking for the golfers to sign balls and hats. I was content with just photos of George helping Miranda. Am I nuts for not being star-struck and asking him to sign something? Honestly, I couldn't care less if I had something with someone's scribble of a name on it. I think it's retarded that people are so crazy about autographs.

More PICTURES and VIDEOS of Miranda golfing

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Scratch That

Last night, I was talking about my fingernails and Scott said to me, "Speaking of your fingernails...."

When Scott and I started dating, we had quite a few gym dates, or we just hapened to run into each other at the gym and then would hang out. On one of those early in the relationship days, he was showing me something on his new iPod, and unbeknownst to me, I accidentally put a scratch on it with my fingernail. (ooops!) Scott went home and told Glenn what happened. Glenn told him to not see me anymore, to which Scott agreed. (gasp!)

After hearing this story from Scott, I said, "Awwww, and look at us now!" Meaning, look, we're still together despite that!

Scott replied, "Yeah, you're not allowed to touch my iPod." Meaning, you're not allowed to touch my iPod, and sugarcakes, you damn well better not scratch my new BlackBerry!!

Brain Damage

We were having dinner with Scott's family tonight when suddenly I blurt out, "I think I might have brain damage." Scott replies, "Well of course you do, baby." Gee, thanks, I mean, what woman in her right mind would actually date him, right? hehehe

Seriously, I think I might have unknowingly had a stroke.

For the past few weeks I feel not quite every time I open my mouth. My speech is slurred (even when I haven't been drinking) and I stumble on my words. I know sometimes my brain works faster than my mouth, so sentences don't come out right, but for the past little while, more often than not, I have problems stringing two normal sounding sentences together!
  • Perhaps there is something wrong with my hearing, which is making me speak funny, because I haven't been taking my allergy pills and I could be going deaf and not really know it yet.
  • Perhaps it is due to the enormous amount of stress I have been under lately.
  • Perhaps it's all in my head and I don't sound as bad as I think I do.

Whatever the cause, I hope it corrects itself soon because I am starting to panic at the idea of social situations because I don't want to talk and have people think I am an idiot after listening to me! I am starting to wonder why Scott (in his right mind) would be dating someone who sounds like I do when I speak.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Great BlackBerry Race

this is hishers will be better
& Hers?

Who can say how 'great' of a race it was, since Scott and Angeline were the only competitors. Angeline lost. Angeline is not impressed. Angeline hates to lose. He has a new 8703e and I have nothing. When I do get one, I will have to get a Curve to ensure that mine is smaller but better than his! (or something in pink! if RIM ever decides to make a pink one. They have black, blue, white, red, why not pink??)
Ah who am I kidding... There are a million things I need more than a BlackBerry right now... like a boyfriend who doesn't rub his new BlackBerry in my face :D

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Princess Palace

Miranda's friend had her birthday party at today at Princess Palace (and I went to the mall). It's a neat little place in Sherwood Park.

The girls and boys get to select their own costume (princess, knight, prince) from the Royal Closet and proceed to one of the boudoirs to change and select their accessories and makeup and tattoos.

The girls have a princess runway show and the boys joust. Then the lords and ladies learn about chivalry and dining etiquette in the Royal Dining Room. Then they feast, with fine china, cups and saucers, and cloth napkins.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bunny Ears

These days, it is almost impossible to take a picture of Miranda where she is not tring to be a clown. She sees a camera pointed in her general direction and she takes that as her cue to ham it up. Her most favourite move is to give someone bunny ears. Her latest victim, Scott.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Robots in Disguise

Protect - DestroyThis evening, Boyfriend took the girls (meaning me and Miranda) to see the new Transformers movie. It was a unanimous opinion that the movie was AWESOME!! :D When it was over, I wanted to clap and cheer, and I have NEVER before felt compelled to do that while watching a movie.

Before going to see the movie, I had not seen a trailer or commercial. I had heard a radio commercial, and that was all. I did not know what to expect. I wanted it to be a total surprise. I knew that it would be fantastic, and if it wasn't for the fact that I don't care for crowds, I would have insisted we see it last week when it came out. I swear, I sat there with a shit-eating grin on my face the entire time!

The robots were so cool looking!! It made me want to go back and watch the cartoons again (remember how cool they were when we were kids!) but now they would seem so cheesy. Ah, but at least we can say we've been there, watching since the beginning! The movie was just like the toyroom when we were kids, my brother and his friends playing with Transformers, dinky car, and GI-Joe soldiers...

More than meets the eye!
And they had so many funny lines!

Optimus steps on a big flowerpot and says: Sorry, my bad. (totally funny because I said the same thing on the phone to UPS last week and Tracey laughed at me!)

Agent Simmons: You see this? This is a "do whatever I want and get away with it" badge.

and I loved the modern technology references!!

Barricade: Are you eBay user LadiesMan217?

Sam: Wait, how do you know about the glasses?
Optimus Prime: eBay!

Jazz: What's crackin' little bitches?
Sam: Where'd he learn to talk like that?
Optimus Prime: We learned Earth's language through the World Wide Web.

I want to see it again and again and again! I definitely want my own copy of the DVD when it comes out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You know you're a computer geek when...

You know you're a computer geek when... you actually think it would be cool to have a stirling silver keyboard button would be cool to dangle from your necklace.

I totally want this! ----------------->

Actually, if they made an Esc one, that would be my first pick.

I found it online here . The power button earrings is a neat idea too... kinda inconspicuous...

When you can't toss the empties on the lawn...

Since you couldn't toss these empties on the lawn, you need to get creative. How about building a wall of empty bar glasses...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

When Life Gives You Lemons

I was holding the arm he extended to me for appearances, and not because I was forgiving him.

This is not the party that I had planned to be at this Saturday afternoon, I thought, as I walked in to the restaurant, silent and brushing away the tears of frustration and disappointment. I had two options. 1. I could remain upset with him, or 2. I could forgive him and enjoy my "lemonade" (or at least my frozen margarita).

Scottie and Breanna sharing her ice cream desert, and melting my heartI was strongly leaning towards option 1, until a sweet little blonde girl hopped into my lap, excited to show me the Littlest Pet Shop toys that were stashed in her purse.

She laughed with delight as I piled the bunny, monkey and seahorse (seahorse was my favourite) in the wagon, and pushed them around the table. She laughed and laughed and laughed when I made the animals cry out stop! stop! come back! wait for me! as they fell out of the wagon. Then I made a tent for them out of a cloth napin and two table advertisment stands, and for that moment I was the coolest person in her world. Her laughter melted my heart, and I was genuinely enjoying the fact that she was having as much fun with me as I was with her.

Scottie and Breanna sharing her ice cream desertIt was then that I realised if it had not been for the change in plans, I would have missed out on those special moments with her. So I pressed my cheek against her baby-soft hair, gave her a little squeeze, and looked at her brother, who was smiling at me.

No, it was not where I had planned to be, but aparently it was where Life wanted me to be.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

If we were in The Simpsons

If we were characters in The Simpsons Movie, this is what we would look like! (but I'd be wearing a skirt and high heels or my pink Kitty jacket, and earrings and bigger boobs, and Scott would have to be sniffling from being so close to the cat.... but hey! I did the best with the tools they provided. Still, it is quite an accurate portrayal of us.)
Design your own character here.

The Evolution of Boyfriend's Motorbike.

With the factory pipes.

With the Hard Krome K2's installed. They burned his leg so he had to take them off. I could hear him coming when he was more than a block from my house.

With the new Hard Krome 3" Big Straights installed. I can still hear him down the block, but they are not as obnoxiously loud as the K2's. Scott says the noise is deeper.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tic Tac Fact

Since I consume so many TicTacs on my drives home from work, I thought I would compose a list of TicTac Facts.

  • TicTacs are manufactured by Ferrero, who also makes Ferrero Roche chocolates and Kinder Surprise.

  • TicTacs were introduced to the US market in 1969.
  • TicTacs used to be 1.5 calories each, but since they are not 30% larger, they are now 1.9 calories each.
  • I usually eat TicTac Orange or TicTac Bold Fruit flavours.
  • In the box of TicTac Bold Fruit that I ate today, there were 29 TicTacs. I ate them all. Plus the last 1/2 of a box of one orange ones.
This year, in the Netherlands, they are making Mango and Passion fruit flavours! Yum! Maybe someone can send me some *hinthint*

What's your type?My tictac type.

WOW!!! I love quantum physics, and my eggs have to be hard boiled!! Who would have guessed the tictac type predictor could be so accurate?!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love Stiff Kittens

I am totally in looooove with Stiff Kittens!!

It's a song by an AFI side project, a group called Blaqk Audio. The song is called Stiff Kittens. It's playing on their MySpace page. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!! (Bitter For Sweet is also good, but not as phemoninal.... the album CexCells comes out in August)

click to listen

It totally reminds me of Depeche Mode *dreamy sigh*

More Works of Art

More art projects by Miranda - I have added them to her gallery. Here are my favourites that will be framed. It's no wonder that the piece she submitted to the nature art contest won!!

Fallen Birch (water colours)

Meeting of the Birds (water colour and crayons)

Tucan Beaks (pastels)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Guess what

Not too many things beat spending Sunday afternoon at the mall with the boyfriend, especially when he tells you to hold up on going so he can go with you, then picks you up on his motorcycle!!

After proudly parading me (and my new Kitty jacket) around the mall, dragging me from store to store (willingly- taking me to the Buffalo shop and HMV - clothes and music, hello, this guy is perfect for me!!), and buying me a mango julius, I asked if we could stop at one particular store so I could drool over the Guess purses.

(I have a love/hate relationship with Guess purses; some of them rock, but a lot of them are flat out ugly.) I secretly fell in love with a classy yet trendy black and gold one, touched it a little, put it back and glanced at a few more. I must not have been as secretive with my emtions as I thought, because as I was ready to leave the store, Scott picked the object of my affection, said he liked it, and if I wanted it, he would buy it for me.

my new Guess purse, from the boyfriend
So what's one thing that beats spending the afternoon with the boyfriend at the mall? How about when he tells you to hold up on going so he can go with you, then picks you up on his motorcycle, and buys you a hot new Guess purse! And what is even sweeter is how he has to have me show it to every friend and famiy member we have seen since. Birthday shopping rocks, thank you Boyfriend!! xo