Thursday, May 31, 2007


Angelinie can finally ride on Scott'ies new bike, now that she has a helmet (and backpack). Yes, of course they are PINK! I'm still working on picking out a (probably) pink jacket, and then I will need boots, and gloves... who knew shopping at the motorbike store would be so much fun?!

ps - where do I go to get the visor tinted?

Sleeping in

When I go to pick Miranda up from school at the end of the day, the side doors to the school are locked. They say this is to "keep the children safe". Why is it that in the morning, when I drop her off, these doors are unlocked? Do the school administrators figure that pedophiles like to sleep in and won't be trying to sneak into the school.

Afterschool, I have to ring the bell to get someone to let me in. Quite often, the teachers send a child to open the door. How do they know that I'm not going to grab a child and run off with them?

Their system does not make sense to me!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5-piece Knife set, stuck in the ex

Check this out, it's "the ex" knife set. hahaha! It would make for an interesting conversation piece.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Action / Reaction

Don't forget, peaople are animals, and not always responsible for our actions.

Yesterday morning I was listening to the new headlines on Sonic, and they mentioned a woman in Saskatchewan who walked into a Wal-mart store, gave birth in the washroom, and left 15 minutes later with out the infant. Charges had not been laid. (article here)

I don’t think charges should be laid in instances like this. I agree that she did not behave in the most socially acceptable way, but society over-looks the most basic foundation to our existence. WE ARE ANIMALS. At times we may have the brain capacity to force ourselves to stand upright, and dance pretty, and write and read and build skyscrapers, but at the end of the day, we are still animals, with animal instincts and animal reactions.

In our world, four-legged animals give birth daily. Some animals will deliver their offspring and guard them and care for them and nurture them. Other animals abandon their offspring. Others eat their offspring. Some may go on to have later births where they react in a different manner than the first. Forget that we walk on two legs and put us back on the level with these animals, because that is where we belong.

In times of stress, people sometimes do unpredictable and “socially unacceptable” things. Animal instinct causes most women to protect their infants, but not everyone has that innate ability. Sometimes, something can go wrong and even the “smartest” of women can react in a totally unpredictable fashion. It could be a long term reaction, or it could be a momentary lapse. The birthing process, and the pain associated with it, is more than just stress to a body, it a HUGE shock to the body's system.

My point is, I do not believe that society has any right to “press charges” against a women (and often they are scared, young girls). The threat should not even be present. By threatening this action, I imagine that most women who may snap out of it shortly are no less inclined to fess up to their lapse in judgment out of fear of being persecuted for it.

I do know that I have seen my own animal self-preservation instinct in action against my own baby. When Miranda was a few months old, I was cuddling her up by my neck. She was hungry and in her search for food, she bit my neck. IT HURT!! Seething in pain, the first reaction I had, of which I had no control over, was to hurl away from my body the object that was causing me said pain. My arms actually pulled her away from me, and held her out in front of me. Only some small thread of rational behaviour caused me to hang on to her, and stop myself from throwing her away from me. Did I want to hurt her… no! Did I hurt her... no.

These scared, shocked women, who give birth in private and abandon their babies, need to be treated with some understanding. Yes, these infants deserve to be treated with the utmost care and respect, but as society, we may have failed these women if they are uneducated and ill-prepared and alone.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Child's Play

Can you identify my child(ren) in this video?

(hint: Miranda is in the pink dress & Scott is the biggest kid on the ride)

One rule of the playground: when children see kids having fun, EVERYONE wants in on it.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Boyfriend's New Honda VTX1300c

In case it was ever in doubt (which it wasn't), Scott is now officially the coolest boyfriend I have ever had.

Yesterday I was driving behind him and another biker came up beside him. At the red light, they chatted, and I thought it was one of those "club" things, you know where you automatically form a camaraderie with fellow bikers on the road.

Miranda and Taylor were in the backseat, asking what the men were talking about. I played out a conversation to them.

Biker on the right: Hey, nice VTX!
Scott: Dude, you know it! I just picked it up yesterday afternoon!!
Biker on right: Cool!
Scott: I totally need to hook my girlfriend up with one of those backrests. And then some saddle bags so I can carry a clean change of clothes and a razor, so I don't show up to ballet event looking like a greasebag goober.
Biker on right: ...
Scott: BTW, my girlfriend is in the car behind us. Stay away from my girlfriend.

It turned out that it was his friend, Joe!

The Cupcakes

Scott's cupcakes. On Friday, my brave boyfriend stepped into Lucky's lair so he could have some cupcakes and play with the build-a-boyfriend on my fridge (about which he said, I've heard of this before! duh, of course you, from this thing called MY BLOG) , and to warm up (since it was dark and only 5 degrees outside and he had just rode across town with his new motorbike).

Decorated with heart sprinkles (made with love haha). I ran out of sprinkles so I had to decorate the rest with pink and purple sugar sprinkles.

My Little Nature Artist

Miranda's future as a nature artist are looking bright!

On Friday, I opened a letter from the John Janzen Nature Centre, that was addressed to Miranda. Inside, it congratulated her, saying her artwork has been selected as one of 14 pieces that was awarded FIRST place!! Her artwork will appear in the "Edmonton's Wild Backyard" 2008 calendar. The contest was open to all children in the city from grades 1-12.

As a first place winner, her artwork will be
- featured as a large image in the calendar
- framed
- on public exhibition at the launch event at the JJNC on October 14th from 1-4pm
- on public display at the JJNC for 2008 (and will be returned to her by Jan 2009)

I have not seen her picture, but she says it is of an american robin pulling a worm out of the ground, an owl sleeping in a tree, and three humming birds flying to some flowers to eat.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Toddler Solves Rubik's Cube In 114 Seconds



I got a voicemail this morning from a lady at the Royal Alex asking if we could set up a time for an interview.  A little too late for that, since I already have a new job!  It was a boring admin position, now where even close to being as cool as what I have now.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

There once was a lady...

... who really loved shoes. Tonight she baked so many cupcakes, she didn't know what to do!

The boyfriend said, Bake me cupcakes!, and so I did. Who knew that one box of cake mix makes 24 cupcakes! I'd take come to work but do you know how hard it is to transport cupcakes without ruining the frosting and sprinkles?!!

I would post a picture of them all but Scott hasn't seen them yet and I don't want to ruin the surprise. He knows they are coming because when I talked to him tonight, he asked what I was doing. I replied, Eating frosting!

Something just occurred to me... I don't know when I started calling it frosting! I normally call it icing.

The Office

Since the shows I watch are all coming to an end (I just have the finales for Heroes and Lost left to watch) and since Scott hasn't given me the Entourage DVDs to watch(hint hint), I started watching the US version of The Office. I had watched about 6 episodes and decided to start from the beginning.

My favourite moment so far was in the second episode, the one where they have "Diversity Day". Everyone is sitting in the boardroom for the diversity day take 2 seminar with Micheal. Jim has, only moments before, found out that he has lost his biggest commission sale of his year to Dwight. Pam is sleepy and rests her head on Jim's shoulder and falls asleep. He gets this adorable little smile on his face!! Afterwards, he is talking to the camera and he says it was a pretty good day. awwww!! He just lost a HUGE sale, but it is all forgotten because the girl he has a crush on leaned on him. *dreamy sigh* That is sooo sweet. And then I watched the episode when Pam's mum comes to visits and Jim smiles as he overhears her asking Pam, Which one is Jim? hehe I love them!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I don't know what to do

Before you ask “does Angeline really ever know what to do?” let me say that YES, sometimes I can make a decision without hummming and hawwwing over it forever as I analyze the possibilities from every possible angle.
I had a nice drive to work yesterday. The sun was shining, smooth flowing traffic, and I got to work exactly 30 minutes from the time I left my house. The ride home was also fairly pleasant, sunny and warm, a bit heavier with the traffic, but still fairly free flowing. I found myself thinking that maybe the commute wasn’t so bad, and that I could stay living in the area I am currently in. Miranda wouldn’t have to move schools, and I wouldn’t have the headache of finding a French school and a new child care centre. I would still be close to the gym, and of course, close to Scott (being a 5 minute drive from him is AWESOME!)...

This morning as traffic started to slow down (due to an accident) I noticed I started to grow extremely impatient and irritable and remembered how irritable and bored I would get during my drives to and from downtown, especially during the winter when it was dark and snowy and icy and traffic was so freaking s-l-o-w. And with the price of gas, it’s going to cost a fortune for such a long commute…


I guess, due to the limited vacancies, I will probably have to take what I can get, N, S, E or W… I feel like I’m so screwed right now. I’ll be living in my car wondering why I bought such an itty bitty car.

ps – sorry for all the … ‘s I have been around too many people lately who like to … all the time…

I want a "pink"berry

The new BlackBerry 8120 is rumoured to be coming out in September and the pictures show it in pink, but no one is mentioning that it will be released in pink, but a girl can dream, right? I want a pink BlackBerry of my very own! I'd call it the pinkBerry!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bourne Again

We were watching movie trailers last night and when watching the one for the upcoming release of The Bourne Ultimatum, I was positive that I had not seen The Bourne Supremacy yet, which was very odd because I looove Matt Damon like Scott loves the girl from Metric.

I figured if I was going to watch the second movie, and then see the third in a couple of months, then I might as well watch the first one and get caught up from the beginning. So tonight I watched Identity... which I love! Then I started to watch Supermacy, and as soon as the truck goes in the water at the start of ther movie, I remembered that I HAD seen it before. I remember that the movie wasn't as good at the first one. I didn't like it much more the second time around, and especially after watching the two movies back to back, the second cannot compete with the first! None the less, I am looking forward to seeing Ultimatum when it comes out in August!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

EVERYONE is talking about Facebook!

Yesterday a the gym, I walked into the courts to wait for a class to start and the two women there were talking about Facebook. In walked the instructor, and she was talking about Facebook. Everyone in my office is talking about Facebook. My friends are all talking about Facebook. Even people who are NOT on Facebook are talking about Facebook. Now I just read the lastest Dear Prudence advice column, and she lists Facebook as a solution to a girl's problem!

Dear Prudence,
There is a boy in my art class who is very attractive. I have never done pottery before, and this was his second quarter. I had no idea how to glaze my work, so I asked someone next to me. He was nearby glazing his work and I looked over at him. Then he came over and explained how to glaze. He was standing so close I was able to look into his beautiful eyes. I realized later that I didn't even pay attention to what he said. From that point on, I have been thinking about nothing but him. My problem is that I want him to know how I feel but I am too scared. What should I do?

—Hopelessly in Love

Dear Hopelessly,
You need a way to let him know that wasn't your eyes glazing over at his lecture on glazing. This is why Facebook was invented. Send him a "friend" request with a message saying you appreciate him helping you out in class the other day. Do not explain that you have also fallen deeply in love. Then he'll follow up if he thinks you two can make beautiful pots together.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Get Lost

At 5:00 I leave the office and what is the first thing I do.... I GET LOST. I've been there 3 days, and it has happened all three times. Today was the worst and I ended up entering "the hood". By 5:05 I am pointed in the right direction again, and am on my way home. (Shut up boyfriend, it is NOT because I am a woman driver!)

Both yesterday and today I ended up behind the same ultra dirty van, with an ugly torn up Canada flag on the top of it. Seriously, it's like 1/2 torn away! That is annoying in it's own right, but what makes it worse is all the stickers it has on the back.
click for larger image Yesterday I was stuck on the Capilano for what seems like an eternity, crawling along at a snails pace, being forced to stare at the pro-choice statements glued to the back of this vehicle. I know everyone has a right to their opinion, and it's not even the content that annoys me. I would be equally as annoyed if it were three statements about pro-choice, or pro-war or anti-war, or any other political statement. Heck, I would be as equally annoyed if I was staring at three Oilers logos, or three Metric stickers!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Breaking my records

Last week I ran 5km in 24:00 and then in 24:33, but yesterday I did it in 23:18. yay! I wanted to try to beat it again today, but I was exhausted this afternoon, and when I came home I went straight to the couch for a nap.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


peeling the backing off the stickerlining it uppatting it downta-daaa!
After how many weeks, I finally put my Fox sticker on my car... well, technically Scott put it on my car. I suppose that was my mother's day gift from him, putting a sticker on my car in the parking lot after brunch. haha works for me! Now he'll be able to spot my car at the gym, because the Serta counting sheep in the front window apparently isn't easy enough for him to see. Such a monumental occasion had to be caught on camera...

Mother's Day

Miranda made me a present at school for Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Favourite songs for the day

I constantly need to have a new music list to listen to when I am running. I can listen to the newest songs for about a week but then running starts to get boring (meaning I start thinking too much about life) and I need something new to distract me.
  1. Dull Flame of Desire by Bjork
  2. If I Was Your Vampire by Marilyn Manson
  3. Sealings by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Mama's Room by Under the Influence
  5. Cut Off The Top (Timo Maas Dirty Rocker Remix) by Beatsteaks (to me, this song kinda sounds like a punk-NIN)
  6. Pretty Girl by Sugarcult (One of my all-time faves)
  7. The Diary of Jane (Acoustic) by Breaking Benjamin

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Running Report

Today was the first time I have attempted to run 5km without stopping to walk. I did it in 24:00. Yay for me!

My boyfriend, the badass

Today was Scott's big day at the tattoo parlour. His appointment started at 11, but he told me not to show up before noon because I would "just be in the way". gasp! Fine! I hadn't planned to be there that early. I had a meeting at the University, then went for a run, home to shower and change, then stopped at the mall, and finally made it to the parlour at 1:30, hoping to walk in on him crying like a little girl.

Pain must work wonders on him, because at the sight of me (and the bag of treats I was carrying) made him exclaim that I am the best girlfriend ever! Bottled water, Dr Pepper, beef jerky, and my stop at the mall was to pick $15 worth of Purdy's chocolates for him, especially the minty sicks that I remember him mentioning he liked. I totally am the best girlfriend ever!! (like that was ever in doubt) I even let him squeeze my hand, but it didn't hurt, so I know he was holding out because 4 hours in that chair, it must have hurt like hell.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Through Beer Goggles

... or more like wine + vodka/water + more wine + even more wine + Caesar + some sort of shooter + more wine + another Caesar goggles ... my gosh, did I really drink that much? No wonder we were so entertaining on the ride home! (Scott says his parents refuse to give more details other than saying we talking the entire ride home.)

Anyway, here are some pictures I took, when I finally did pull out the camera. I must say it was the earliest, and the drunkest I have ever left a wedding celebration, but it was also the funnest time I have ever had at a wedding reception.

I didn't even get a picture of myself, and I was looking super pretty! But I did get some of Scott looking smashing.
Scott's Cousin's Wedding

Monday, May 07, 2007

FIle it under "G"

It's early but I have started to pack a little of my stuff up. I was looking though some old papers and I found the receipt from when I got my first tattoo. It was done on August 29, 1997 and cost $65.00. The place was called Route 66 Fine Line Tattoo in Albuquerque, NM. Why we picked that place, I can't remember, perhaps it was because we thought it would be a memorable name. If that's the reason then I am sorry to say that it wasn't all that memorable because up until finding the receipt I wouldn't have been able to recall the name if my life depended upon it! Now I will file the papers under "G" for garbage. I have a lot of useless stuff that has been collected over the past few years!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nature Artist

Miranda now says that she wants to be a nature artist when shew grows up. Daily she is bringing home drawings of flowers, tree, birds, and animals.
Nature Artist

Friday, May 04, 2007


toothpaste for dinner

I want the rain to stop so I can wash up my car and put my new Fox sticker on the window!! I would have done it last week but Scott insists that he be there when the sticker goes on. I have been a very good girl, and the other day I was tempted to just hold the sticker up to the window to see what it would look like, but I refrained from doing that. I thought it would be cheating.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another runner

toothpaste for dinnerYesterday at the gym I had just finished running and was walking to cool down when suddenly this guy appeared beside me and started walking with and talking to me. He said he saw me running there a lot and was impressed by my dedication. He mentioned he remembered seeing me tell off these two guys who were walking in the running lane a couple months back, and since then he switched to running on the treadmill.

It seemed sort of weird since no one has actually talked to me at the gym before, I mean aside from Scott, but I think when we first met I was the one who actually walked up to him for the first time.

The whole time I could hear Scott's voice in my head, Stay away from my girlfriend! haha! No need to worry, he's here doing construction work for his father's company and will be going back to Kelowna in a month or two (I wasn't paying all that much attention).


I had been importing my blog to my Facebook notes but one day it stopped working. I emailed the Facebook help team and they said it was a problem with Blogger. I can't remember where I read it, but it has something to do with Blogger running a different version of Atom ... or something like that, so Facebook isn't properly reading it. So I went to Feedburner and had it converted from XML to RSS ... or something like that. Anyway, I made some changes and so hopefully it will work properly now and all my posts here will show up in Facebook.

(crossing my fingers as I am about to click PUBLISH....)

FRIG! it's not working right! It published everything twice and hasn't updated the new post yet. grrr.

Echos In Scarlet

If you like bands like Coldplay, Keane and Travis, then check out the local band Echos in Scarlet. listen here, you will not be disappointed !!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

True Geekdom

I have been envious of Scott and the dualview configuration of his computer and I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I guess it was because I didn't ever check if the laptop could support an external monitor, and I didn't know it would be so easy to set up. All I had to do was plug in the monitor and check a box in the desktop properties settings. Now I can work on one screen and have the second screen showing a show or something like that. :D Go ahead and say it, I know you are thinking it, I am a geek. Now all I have to do if figure out a way to have my laptop see the desktop hard drive as an external drive and then I am laughing. hahaha!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Comes in 3's

Let's see what happened today...

  1. I was informed today that I have to move out of my place within 90 days.
  2. I locked myself out of the house and had to wait nearly an hour for a key to be delivered, wind blew my graham crackers into the garden, my feet turned purple from the cold, and I got rained on.
  3. I dropped an open can of soda in the car.
Good news, I made it out alive!! and I think I have decided on which outfit to wear to Scott's cousin's wedding on Saturday. :)

Mystery Bag

Two Friday's ago, I was shopping downtown when I saw a lady walking with a CBS radio bag. Me, the shopaholic, I thought to myself, oh! I wonder what they sell at the radio station... I gaze through the window as I pass the CBS office and do not see anything to buy.

I exited the mall and saw that the light was red, so instead of crossing through to Churchill Square, I rounded the corner and continued walking past the CBS windows. Then I saw a gentleman with an armful of cute paper CBS shopping bags, and he looked at me and said, Excuse me, Miss... (he called me Miss! Not Ma'am, but Miss!!) Then he continued, Would you like a gift bag from CBS Radio?

That was how the lady I saw got her bag! You don't need to buy anything from the radio station, just for looking pretty while walking down the street (I was smoking hot on Friday) they reward you with a goody bag. (Yes, I do know that the looking pretty probably has nothing to do with being offered a bag.)

I took a quick glance into the bag, but didn't really examine the contents until I got to my car:

  • a copy of the 2006/2007 Guide to Downtown Edmonton booklet
  • an Edmonton Transit bus pass holder
  • an advertasmint card for CBC Radio One
  • a box of orange juice
  • an Oatmeal To Go bar
  • a CBS Radio water bottle.