Monday, February 26, 2007

Waiting For The Day

You can also listen to the song here (minus all the chattering in the background). I totally need to buy this album!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What a fun day!

Was I scared? Nah, not really. When we were starting off, Scott told me to hand on and no matter what, keep my feet on the sideboards, even if I felt like we were going to tip over, and leave everything to him. So that's what I did! The snow was sooooo deep in a lot of the fields, and we got stuck a few times but he did a good job of keeping me from falling off the snowmobile.

We were out for 5 hours!! It was sunny with clear blue skies and not too cold. Don't get me wrong, at a few points my toes and hands were a bit cold but they would warm up as we stopped going to fast. White, powdery snow everywhere, and when we were zipping over the pristine fields with the snow sparling as if wearing a coat of diamonds, it was so lovely!

Scott is such a sweety!! He would ask me along the way if I was warm enough, or too warm. When we were on own way back to the city and stopping for snacks, he made sure I selected the best orange juice and then in the truck he went to hand me the bottle, but then quickly snatched it back so he could shake it up for me. Awww! I can shake up my own juice, and would have done it, but it is nice that he is looking out for me.

The HUGEASS hill we went UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN again. I should have taken pictures from the very bottom looking up and from the top looking down. I will a tiny bit apprehensive at the first attempt, but once I knew what to expect it was fine. (and I will now admit that I was also a little nervous going down some of the ditches; I thought we were going to flip ass over nose!)

I wish I would have taken a picture when we first started out - the little trees had snow crystals stuck to them that reminded me of the science project from elementary school where you dissolve sugar in water, stick in a string and then the sugar crystalizes on the string. We can go again, but it will be hard to find another day that is exactly like this magnificent day was.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Headline News (updated)

(picture added)
Angelinie is going snowmobiling with Scotty tomorrow and she is totally stoked!!! It gives a purpose to all the powdery snow that has been falling over the past few days. Tomorrow's weather should be sunny and not too cold (moring -12C, rising to -5C)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Close My Eyes

Today's favourite song: Close My Eyes by Mesh-29 - a guitar/piano acoustic group from the UK and they sound amazing! Waiting For The Day and Cigarettes are my favourite songs, neither of which I have been able to find to download.
If you were I then I'd be right and you'd be fine

And all the shit you blame me for

I'd leave behind

This record's on repeat and now

It's all worn out

A tired song of what went wrong

When I was right

But I'm afraid there is no other way

And I'm scared that I'll be nothing

'Cause when I close my eyes

I want to be somebody else

And if I spoke my mind

I'm be the one you're leaving out

And now I'm tired, I'm tired of letting go

Tied up and left to sit alone

Too late 'cause now I'm on my own

She turns her head to say good night

Just one more time

The conversation ends

She sleeps just one more time

'Cause when I close my eyes

I want to be somebody else

And if I spoke my mind

I'm be the one you're leaving out

And now I'm tired, I'm tired of letting go

Tied up and left to sit alone

Too late 'cause now I'm on my own

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Song of the Day

My favourite song for today is Trophy by Bat For Lashes. I found the song for download here. I discovered Bat For Lashes one day while at reading a music magazine at the hair salon while Noemi was getting her hair done. The magazine (Spin? I cannot even remember which on it was) mentioned the song What's A Girl To Do, which instantly became one of my favourite songs after listening to it. The vocals in Trophyare a little bit Bjork-ish, but the singing is all in tune to the music, not like how Bjork sometimes has a tune in her head different to which the music is being played. In other songs, she sounds like Kate Bush. Check out the whole album (Fur and Gold) it is great!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I was going to put this with the Make This Go On Forever post, but really, each song deserves its own post.

My new favourite song of the hour: Roadside by Rise Against. I swear I listened to it 50 times the other night.

Tell me what I'm suppose to do
With all these left over feelings of you
Cause I don't know

And tell me how
I'm suppose to feel
When all these nightmares
Become real

Cause I don't know

And I don't think you see
The places inside me
That I found you

And I don't know how we
Separate the lies here from the truth

And I don't know how we
Woke up one day somehow thought we knew
Exactly what we're suppose to do

So leave me
At the roadside
And hang me
Up and out to dry

Friday, February 16, 2007

Make This Go On Forever

Over the past two days I have listened to Make This Go On Forever by Snow Patrol probably a hundred times! I want to melt into it. I also wish that a ticket to see the April 10th concert will magically fall into my lap.

Please don't let this turn into something it's not
I can only give you everything I've got
I can't be as sorry as you think I should
But I still love you more than anyone else could

All that I keep thinking throughout this whole flight
Is 'it could take my whole damn life to make this right'
This splintered mast I'm holding on won't save me long
Because I know fine well that what I did was wrong

The last girl in the last reason to make this last for as long as I could
First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you taught me to look past everything I had ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

We have got through so much worse than this before
What's so different this time that you can't ignore?
You say it is much more than just my last mistake
And we should spend some time apart for both our sakes

The last girl in the last reason to make this last for as long as I could
First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you taught me to look past everything I had ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

The last girl in the last reason to make this last for as long as I could
First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you taught me to look past everything I had ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

And I don't know where to look
My words just break and melt
Please just save me from this darkness
Please just save me from this darkness


I intended to make some elaborate Valentines this year but I procrastinated (ok, so I have been busy with the gym and too tired!) and took a simpler route.
Click to see the pictures

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lorraine & Eric Visit

Feb 10th, party at Michelle & Jenn's. Occassion: housewarming and because Lorraine and Eric were visiting. Eric is from NYC and this was our first chance to meet him. We went to Iron Horse on Whyte Ave and that was a treat (not!) Note to self: DO NOT go there again. It's just not my crowd, and I didn't ever say one work to anyone who was outside of the friends circle.

oh! that's not entirely true... when I left, I asked these guys waiting to cross the street if they were going over by Southgate because I needed a lift, because it was 1:00 in the morning, it was cold and snowing, and I hate having to try to hail a cab on Whyte! One guy said ya, his dad was on his way to pick them up. Turns out these boys are like 18! haha! We stood in the drive thu line at McDonald's for a few minutes (did I mention it was snowing?) and then the dad showed up before they could get food. They didn't need the greasy crap anyway. Then I went back downtown to meet up with Tall Kevin and Craig at Overtime.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gift Ideas

Noemi found this website and there is a lot of neat personalized stuff there. I know my birthday is still a few months away, but I really want this hoodie! Size small, please ;)

songs I listen to that my friends detest

Here's a short list of the songs I can remember my friends telling me they hate it when I play...

  1. Michelle doesn't like Lighting Is My Girl by Auf Der Maur (In Michelle's words - or anything by "that girl from Smashing Pumpkins")
  2. Scott doesn't like Pleasure Principle by Lesbians on Ecstasy (he also says I listen to too much Indie crap)**
  3. Eelke doesn't like Pioneers by Tunng
  4. Kevin doesn't like Degausser by Brand New, even though he likes the band
  5. **Scott decided Lesbians on Ecstasy might not be so bad after all, but he doesn't like Snow (Hey oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

I say :p to them all because I like these songs!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

forgive and forget

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.
- Thomas Szasz

Friday, February 09, 2007

Whale Blubber

I clicked on this link Protein and learned that under Finfish and Shellfish Products Raw, Green Turtle is the 2nd best protein source next to Raw Frogs Legs!! Under Poultry Products they list Emu, under Ethnic Foods is Seal, Walrus and Beluga Whale!! I was could hardly tell Michelle wheat I found because I was laughing so much!!

So Michelle asks if Whale Blubber is listed as a good fat source and I excitedly said, "I will check!!" and sure as shit, they do have Whale Blubber (see image below) I was laughing historically because it is at the top of the caloric ratio pyramid.

Ewww you can also see the nutrient information for Beluga Whale EYES. Their moisture content is 55%... learn something new every day!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I can't eat that much!

At work today, Damon sent this website to Michelle, and she sent it on to me . I went to the Daily Needs Calculator and before I post my results I need to say make an announcement:

I have 11 packs of butter in my desk!!

When I get a croissant from Sunterra in the morning, I grab a few packs of butter so Michelle and I have them to put on our Ryvita crackers and English muffins.

At 10:00, Michelle and I were on the escalator after getting breakfast, I lifted up my shirt, and patted a butter container on my tummy to illustrate that it's going to go right there and she said that was the funniest thing to see me do. Some of the guys in the office were on the Up escalator and I think they might have seen me. haha! They probably think I am insane. There were people everywhere; everyone probably thinks I am insane.

Anyways, so there is no way I can consume nearly 3100 calories a day, but at least know why I am still dropping fat even though I eat croissants and real butter and lots of dark chocolate. That's not all my diet consists of, I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruit and lately a lot of bread (raisin bread & whole grain) and multigrain crackers (Grains First Spring Harvest by Dare are the BOMB!) Oh and I didn't even mention that I am doing weight training, so I probably need even more than 3100 calories.

Calories Burned Report

You are a 30 year old woman, 64.0 inches tall, with a current weight of 119.0lbs. You lead a very active lifestyle, and participate in the following exercise: 30 minutes of running, 7.5 mph (8 min/mile) 30 minutes of walking, 3.5 mph, level ground, brisk 20 minutes of walking, 3.0 mph, level ground, moderate

Your Body Mass Index

Your current Body Mass Index (BMI) is 20.4.
BMI is a standardized ratio of weight to height, and is often used as a general indicator of health. The "normal" BMI for an adult woman of your height is 18.5 to 24.9. This translates to a healthy weight range of 108 to 145 lbs.However, BMI does not take body composition into account. A weight above this range could still be considered healthy if your percentage body fat is less than average. For more accurate determination of body fat levels, consider using a body fat caliper.

Your Calories Burned

Here is an estimate of your daily energy needs...
calories burned:

Daily Energy Expenditure: 2578 kcal (10794 kJ)
Additional Calories from Exercise: + 520.0 kcal (2177 kJ)
Estimated Energy Requirement: 3098.0 kcal (12971 kJ)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A concert I would kill to go to




SAT MARCH 17, 2007




My Tamagotchi

I'm am an adult and I have a Tamagotchi. It was a present from Eelke. They are heartbreaking little things.

I lost my Tamagotchi on Saturday. I had been naming, feeding, playing with, and nurturing these electronic pets since the start of the year, without them dying on me. Conni was a 4th generation (meaning I raised 4 tamas and their offspring before her) and she had a baby. I was so upset that I had become so attatched to this silly toy!!
I found it Sunday afternoon, in the pocket of my bath robe. Conni and the baby were hungry, sick, and surrounded by poop, but still alive!! I nursed them back to health and later that night Conni left and I only had the baby, which I named Uma.
Ok, so what happens when the parent leaves... at midnight on the second night of having a baby, if you turn on the light you see the adult Tama wake up, stare at the baby Tama and then slowly fly away. They abandon their young!! In the morning, when the baby Tama wakes up, you have to select a name and then it starts to cry. wah! How heartbreaking! This is a child's toy and it I am reacting like this, how is a child going to react to it?? Oh what a cruel world.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Music Monday

I'm being sneaky today and listening to music at work!  I am wearing a turtle neck sweater and have my hair down, so running the earphone wire under my shirt to one ear and having my ipod in my pocket, no one has noticed.  I just have to remember not to start singing along to the music! heehee  I don't see what the big deal is, I have one ear free to talk on the phone and actually it is increasing my productivity because I am not gabbing with the girls like I usually do.
  1. Skyline - by Diefenbach
  2. The River- by Good Charlotte
  3. Sowing Season (Yeah) - by Brand New
  4. Mixed Tape - by Jack's Mannequin
  5. Kill The Messenger - by Jack's Mannequin
  6. Degausser - by Brand New
  7. On The Move - by Diefenbach
  8. Cat And Mouse - by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  9. Amazed - by Greg Laswell (not crazy about the entire song, but the chorus is catchy!
  10. Luv Me or Hate Me - by Lady Sovereign

It's a hard life being a cat.

I just played this on the computer and Lucky, who is sitting at my feet, looked up when she heard my voice in the video clip. haha! I just played it again and she did the same thing! hahah!!

Add to My Profile More Videos

Smokey & the Bandit

Jennifer (Smokey) and Michelle (Bandit) got kittens and they are soooo stinking cute!! Smokey is so tiny and Bandit hs these white hairs all through his black coat, it looks so neat. I had total kitten envy the whole time I was visiting there.

Oh! and I should have taken pictures of the their new place, it's so neat! The foyer has a cool winding staircase and chandelier. Miranda walked in and said, oh Mummy, I know why you like this place; it's so clean and quiet! lol I hadn't even opened my mouth to comment on it when she said that. And the halls leading to the suits are decorated... oh it is indescribable! I will have to get a picture.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Breakfast Blog

It was to Moxie's for breakfast this afternoon (ah it was so nice to sleep in! but not really since I was up until nearly morning watching episodes of The Office and listening to music; I'm now hooked on the show, and Jack's Mannequin) and ummmmm it was soooo good! I was starving and it was so pleasant to have a fantastic meal. I had the texas breakfast wrap: scrambled eggs, salsa, black beans, corn, green onions, tomatoes and cheddar in a tortilla, served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole with breakfast potatoes on the side. I totally shouldn't have done anything with dairy, but it was soooo worth the sore milk allery ears I have now. It felt naughty to be having a mimosa with breakfast, but really, I have decided it is going to be a Sunday breakfast tradition. :)

Smokin' Aces

Last night I was coerced into seeing Smokin' Aces. Ok, ok, I admit, I ended up walking into the theatre voluntarily, but it wouldn't have been my movie of choice had I been asked to pick the flick. I figured with Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Fox and Ben Afflick I would at least get a little eye candy out of it, but sadly, the gentlemen were all covered with hideous facial hair!

Upon leaving the theatre, my initial assessment of the film was that I liked the ending, but the movies was overall pretty f'ed up and bloody. Today, I am thinking that the movie wasn't so bad after all. I mean, I sat through the entire film and not once felt the urge to check out the time to try to figure out how much longer the movie would be going on for. It kept me on my toes and there were not very many instances where I thought, Oh I know what's going to happen next. It was also really nice to be a theatre that wasn't full of kids (this movie carries an 18A rating).

Friday, February 02, 2007


Buying bottled water is wrong, says Suzuki.

Canadians wanting to do something about the environment can start by drinking tap water, environmentalist David Suzuki says.

Sorry, David, but I cannot stand the taste of tap water. I will use Edmonton tap water to make tea, cook my food, feed my cat (she actually doesn't like bottled water), wash my hair and brush my teeth with, but when it comes to drinking just plain water, I need to have the pure, clean taste of Dasani or Aquafina or other demineralized water. I always recycle my bottles. And since I use tap water for everything else, my doctor assures me that I am (and that Miranda is) getting enough fluoride.

I know an alternative to bottled water would be to use a water filtration system. Since it costs a fair bit to get one put in the house, I will look in to a portable filtration method, like using a Brita filter. How does that sound, David?

ps - I really miss watching The Nature of Things!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sudden Outburst

The girls were walking in the mall at lunch (meaning Me, Michelle and Jennifer) when suddenly Michelle burst out in a fit of laughter. It was hilarious because the three of us had not been taken a few moments of silence (surprisingly!) and when she started laughing for no apparent reason, the group of oncoming guys looked at us soooo puzzled, like she had turret's or something like that.

Once finished laughing, she explained that she was watching me walk and then watching Jenn walk, (since we were walking slightly ahead of her) and then she was trying to mimick us. Hearing this admission caused us all to burst out laughing. By her assessment, I strut like a model and Jenn takes short, quick steps. Michelle was amused because walking is something that everybody does, but everyone does it differently.

My Old Wallpaper

I changed my desktop wallpaper last week. Here is old one.