Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dance Dance

Hotel room scene, getting ready for the Christmas party, Angel in one room, BF in the other.

BF: Woman, are these new shoes?!

(obviously he saw my new shoes on the bathroom floor)

Me: (in a slightly higher than usual pitched voice) Maybe...

BF: I thought I forbid you to buy these shoes!?

Me: (confidently) Nope! You just told me you thought they were ugly!
shoeBF:  I must have dreamt it.

Honestly, he didn't forbid me to buy them; he simply had commented that they were ugly.

I told everyone I was going to get these shoes, even if it killed me... see HERE.
Everyone else loved them!  I was in the elevator and a cute guy told me they were great shoes!  Then I get off the elevator and I could hear 2 women getting on the elevator and saying wow those are cool shoes!!
Me dancing in my shoes. 
dance dance

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