Friday, February 27, 2009

Go with the BizAgi Flow

With a case of ITIL enthusiasm ripping through ISG, we have started using BizAgi, a program to design process models, to create and document the processes in our department. I like that I was able to change the UI to pink! And if I want, I can even colour the icons pink.

I was supposed to design a process for checking out and returning one of our resources, a digital recorder. I designed a nice little "happy path". I coloured it pink and proudly showed it to an analyst. He chewed it apart like a pitbull!

It was then that I realised what a difficult job analysts have! In order for me to create a return process, I had to create an entire checkout process first, because really, it's stupid to design the end process when you don't have the starting process in place. And there are so many "what-if's" along the way! You have to think about everything! I mean, I like analyzing things, but I guess I like to do it for fun, and I don't ever have to document any of it. Plus, it's a lot harder when you have to analyze your own processes since you take so many steps for granted. I was being prompted to break things down more and I asked, "At what point does common sense come factor in?"

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