Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Fell in Love with Rex

IMG_2044 I met Rex yesterday and instantly fell in love with him!  Rex is a Black-capped Lory I met at the pet store.

I stuck my finger into his cage to try to pet him.  After a little bit, he turned himself so he was hanging upside down from his perch that was low to the cage’s floor.  Next think I knew, he was on his back, feet in the air and not trying to get up.  I was terrified that I had broken the $2000 bird!!


IMG_2045 The bird was not broken, in fact, he did it again.  He wanted me to pet his belly!

It was time to go and I said goodbye to Rex and walked away.  He started chirping at me to come back.  I walked back to the cage, opposite the side he was on and he came over to me for more attention.  Again, when I walked away, he called after me.  Awwww, Rex loved me too!  I wanted to take him home soooooo bad.


494px-Lorius_lory-20051118 Reading up on the species, they are playful and energetic and love to listen to music and dance!  and form strong bonds with their owners.  They are intelligent and require lots of stimulation to ward off boredom.   Sounds like my kind of bird!  They eat nectar, pollen and fruit instead of seeds, and thus keep an untidy cage with wet droppings that needs to be cleaned daily… why can’t pets be neater?? 

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