Monday, August 30, 2010


pink clubs The first round of golf with my new shoes and new clubs was quite the experience.  We went to Countryside, and had to be there bright and early for a 8:34 tee time. (ugh too early for a Saturday morning!) 

The weather was cold (under 10 degrees) and very, very windy, so it made for a tough 18 holes, but it was still a lot of fun!  We rented a golf cart so I didn’t use my new pushy cart.  I discovered that my set contained two 5H clubs, so I have to exchange one for a 4H.  I didn’t lose any pink balls, either, although I had some pretty good retrievers watching where they land… thanks boys!  I might have abandoned 2 in the tall grass if I had been searching for them on my own.  Mostly I hit pretty straight so the pink balls were easy to see.  I also didn’t shoot over the water because the wind was so bad and honestly, I can’t drive them all that far yet. 

In the end, my score card contained mostly :) faces, a few meh faces, and only one :( face!  All in all, a great round because I had fun!


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