Friday, July 15, 2011

Pandora Heirloom bracelet

I started a Pandora bracelet with the gift money from my birthday.  I figured the charms would be a nice, easy, little thing that I could refer people to when they ask for gift ideas.  In the process, we would also be building an heirloom, something I can pass down to M.  But what I can foresee happening is this becoming an obsession, and I will have it full of charms before a gift-giving event comes up ion the calendar!

I started off with a Pandora silver bracelet with lobster clasp, and two clips.

3-July 2011 bracelet1

I wanted to add a pearl dangly charm in the middle, but because of a promotion, I ended up with a pink jeweled spacer as well.

3-July 2011 bracelet2

Next I wanted to add a retired swirly charm, which I was able to find still at the original price, and again because there was a promotion running, I had to buy a second one, so I selected the cupcake.

4-July 2011 bracelet

Close up view:

4-July 2011 bracelet2

590700HV Pandora Silver Bracelet with Lobster Clasp
790291CZ Pandora Sparkling CZ Clip
790263PCZ Pandora Swirlies with Pink CZ RETIRED
790546P Pandora Flower with Pink CZ and Pearl Dangle
790368PCZ Pandora Pink CZ Spacer
790417 Pandora Cupcake with 14K
790380PCZ Pandora® Tendril with Pink CZ Clip

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