Sunday, February 17, 2008

Angel loves her Valentine

On Valentine's Day, nothing says I love you like a gift that comes in a small package.  I got a small package this year.  It's pink, fits in the palm of my hand, plays music, and is absolutely perfect.

Scott was a little bit of a schmuck before giving it to me.  I already knew what I was getting (he told me about it on the weekend) but on Valentine's Day, over dinner, he mentioned how it was impossible to find a pink ipod Nano anywhere in town.  I said, "So you didn't get me a pink one?"  His response, "It will be pink when you put it in the case."  I admit, I was slightly disappointed and hope it didn't show on my face.

I squealed with delight when I opened the bag,  "It's piiiiinnnk!!!!!"

Meet Pinkster - DSC00671

And here is the Pinkster, cozy and safe from scratches in a Belkin acrylic case -DSC00674

It's the perfect size for hooking up to the fm transmitter in my car.  I love it!!

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