Thursday, July 10, 2008

All the Pretty Little Ponies

Miranda went for a field trip to the Ukrainian Cultural Village and it was the most amazing time for her.

  1. They went on a horse drawn buggy ride, and she got to sit right behind the driver
  2. They saw a blacksmith who used Miranda in his demonstration, as he showed how a horse gets fitted for horseshoes.  He even made her a little horseshoe to take home.

I just went to check in on her sleeping and she had put on an old lullaby cd and this song I had all but forgotten about was playing - All the Pretty Little Ponies.  It was one of the lullabies I used to sing to her when she was little.  Maybe she became so horse crazed because Mummy was always singing about horses!

Kenny Loggins version:

Catherine Raney version:

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