Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My New Addiction

guitar_hero_iiiGuitar Hero is totally my new addiction! I have had the game for 6 nights now and I started on Easy and found the songs to be too slow so once I could pass Through the Fire and the Flames I moved up to Medium.

On Sunday morning I told the BF I was playing on Medium and he didn't believe it. He really didn't believe me when I said I had finished all of the regular set list except for 3 songs.

"Even One?" He asked.

"Yes, I even finished One!!" I exclaimed.

"Even that Slayer song?"

"Yes! Even the Slayer song!"

"Even Cliffs of Dover?"

"Yes! I finished that one last night, I was so excited! The only ones I can't get are Cult of Personality, Knights of Cydonia (which sucked because I could rock it on Easy at the first try), and Missisippi Queen!"

(and yes, every sentence regarding GH that comes out of my mouth is an exclamation)

To prove to him that I was totally getting good at it, I went home and finished those 3 as well. Now, by "finish a song" I mean I not only completed the song, but I scored high enough to enter my name on the score chart. It doesn't mean anything if it's not documented. hehe

Tonight I played through the remaining Bonus songs that I hadn't gotten to yet. Now I have completed every song on Medium except Through the Fire and the Flames. I can't get further than 17% trough it. grrr! I tried to advance to High, but I'm still a long ways away from being able to play 5 buttons with 4 fingers. Oh and I tried playing on Career mode, but I can't get past Tom Morello.

My next challenge is to beat his score of 117K on Welcome to the Jungle. He says it must be easier on the Wii than it is on his xBox, because my 83K score seems too high in his opinion for a noob.

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