Saturday, September 20, 2008

Zombie fighting ninja

I can't sleep.  I had a horrifying dream and it's keeping me awake.  It was the most disturbing dram I had in a long time.

It was black out and I was walking to my car when I saw people smash my window.  They saw me fleeing and chased me, unloading a full clip in my direction as I tried to run into the house.  There were people I knew inside (although IRL, I have no idea who these people are) who went outside to chase the bad guys.  I heard more gunshots and one of the bad guys got into the house.  I was hiding in the kitchen with knives in my hands.  I stabbing him as he was coming around the corer.  He didn't bleed.  It didn't show him down.  I kept cutting into him as he handcuffed my left hand to a chair.  I stabbed him over and over, dragging the knife through his flesh, but he still was not bleeding.

I told Scott about my scary dream.  He said it wasn't scary, it was an awesome dream - that I was a ninja fighting off zombies.  Now I can't stop thinking about his Dead Rising video game where you're a photojournalist who is fighting off zombies in the mall, clubbing them, hacking away and cutting them up with a chainsaw and lawn mower. Ah, no wonder he thought my dream was so freaking awesome.


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