Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Big Bang Theory

So yesterday the BF and I were lamenting about the cancellation of Eli Stone and how it sucks that all the good shows we enjoy get cancelled (e.g. jPod and The Black Donnelly's) and we agreed we would shoot ourselves in the head if How I Met Your Mother gets cancelled before pathetic shows like Gary Unmarried (me) and The Big Bang Theory (him).

This summer, I downloaded and watch the first season of The Big Bang Theory, and I was surprised it was going to renew for season 2.  The first episode I was not overly impressed, but I liked the premise, so I decided to give it another chance.  And then another and another.  I would not have recommended it to a friend, but yet I watch them all so the show couldn’t have been that painful, now could it?  I have even been downloading season 2, to watch in the summer when nothing but dumb reality shows are on TV.

I decided today to start watching season 2, and there was a super endearing moment  in the second episode that made me remember why I watched every episode before!!  One of the geeky boys (Leonard)  was dumped by his date (Sarah Gilbert, remember her from Rosanne)  when they got into a squabble over their had conflicting views on which theory better unites quantum mechanics with general relativity, string theory or loop quantum gravity.  She asked how would they bring up their children?!  He replied that they would let the kids decide their own beliefs when they are old enough.  hehehehe  That’s funny stuff!  albeit mildly funny stuff, so I can see how only a small percentage of the TV viewing population would find the humour in the show.  Although Leonard is the main character, Sheldon is my favourite.

ps – Penny, albeit a dumb blond who isn’t that hot and dresses poorly, has a pink bathrobe and a pink thermal coffee mug and a pink steering wheel cover thingy in her car and likes America’s Next Top Model!

pss – I think today’s word of the day is “albeit”.

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