Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pulled the Plug

The internet was unplugged from my computer last week, so I spent 6 days PC internet free.  I haven’t been completely without web access, since I can still do 85% my web things on my iPhone.

What have I been doing with the time I usually spend being part of the collective: I watched a bunch of movies, read a lot, listened to some new music, talked on the phone, and actually spent time in rooms all over my place, instead of having my butt glued to the chair at the desk.  Yesterday I even sat with Miranda and watched a bunch of her favourite tween shows: the likes of Hannah Montana, Zoey 101, Suite Life of Zac and Cody…

Oh!  and I actually watched some of my favourite shows … on the television…!  I felt like a genius when I figured that one out.  I found it quite amusing that I had forgotten that a TV can be more than just a the display screen for video games and movies.

What part of not being plugged in did I miss the most?  The ability to download files, and to view Flash objects.

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