Sunday, August 02, 2009

Push: one push can change everything

Back in October, we saw a trailer for a movie called Push.  It kind of  looked interesting, but seemed to be a Heroes rip-off.  At the time, I was done with Heroes, having not enjoyed the last season, with the constant infuse of new characters and then their quick kill offs.

Last night we finally watched Push and I could say that maybe the low expectation level made it all the more enjoyable, but I think that wouldn’t be accurate.

Right from the first scene it pulled you in.

It’s about a group of Americans (with psychic abilities), who are in Hong Kong and racing against a Chinese group (also possessing special abilities) and a US government agency (that wants to transform the special abilities into a super-army) to locate a special case.

There is a lot of character development but it’s presented in a gripping fashion.  I found the filing to be very interesting, with angles and shots that are non-traditional, but that didn’t make you dizzy.  The colours in the movie are also really neat.  I wish I had more technical words to use to describe it. 

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