Thursday, August 06, 2009

Angel’s First Folk Fest-y Event

I complained in the afternoon about having to get things ready to go to the outdoor concert at the Folk Fest site (an event I was super stoked to be going to for weeks leading up to this week, thinking it would be awesome to sit out in the warm sun and listen to awesome music), because the forecast has been cold, cloudy, and rainy all week, and I didn’t know what to wear  and I didn’t want to be cold and wet and muddy and I hate dressing in layers and I don’t have a rain jacket and I didn’t want to be not wearing heels and didn’t want to fighting traffic for parking at the University and didn’t want to have to take the public shuttle and I wanted to take Miranda but didn’t want her staying up late because she has an early morning swim class I didn’t want her to miss…

I was almost hoping it would start pouring before hand, and I could stay at home.  But I got over my freak out, and the weather was chilly but I stayed warm, with a few drops of rain falling during the show.  The rain held up until the concert ended and we started to leave.  I didn’t complain about a single thing once we were in the gates, not even having to walk all the way from the bottom of the hill to the very top of the steeeep hill to take the extra ticket to the top gate!

The sound was sensational.  Tracy Chapman was nice to listen to, playing great songs like Fast Car, and Talking ‘bout A Revolution, and then Sarah McLachlan, the whole reason why I agreed to go to a Folk Fest event, was sensational and lovely.  The highlight for me was to hear her voice, haunting and penetrating, as she sang my favourite song, Possession. (we missed Meaghan Smith because we were tardy, and it wasn’t the girl taking the long time getting ready.)

sarah mclachlan
(Sarah singing Possession)

I am so glad I had the opportunity to see the show. (thanks to my Mum, who did a great job of taking care of all of us, from setting up a sitting area for us well before we got there, chauffeuring us to the front gates, bringing us blanket and cushions and nuts and drinks, and for not getting short tempered when I was difficult in the afternoon)

I’m a sleepy girl now, and I wanted to at least record a little bit of my fun night before it all drifts out of my sleepy head.

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