Friday, March 06, 2009

IT Girl

I now know why guys laugh when I tell them I'm in IT.

Today I had to carry a (in girl terms) backup power thingy, (in IT terms) UPS, out of an office, down the elevator (a lady waiting for the elevator commented to me how there's never a man around when you need one...), through the hallway and out to my car. Then I drove it to my office, decided I would park in my regular spot (in the alley on the opposite side of the main door to the building) instead of being a sissy and dropping it off at the front door, then going to park my car.

Here is a picture of it. It doesn't look too intimidating.

As I was walking up to the building, there is a contractor getting a little drill from his truck and he goes into the building and doesn't even have the courtesy to told the door open behind him for me. So I struggle to put this heavy thing down so I can open the door, because it's so heavy that I can't put my leg up against the door and prop the thing on it while I pull the door open.

How heavy can it be? and why am I making such a big deal of this? When I got up the elevator and to my desk, I looked up this thingy online to see how much it weighed. 24kg!! (for the anti-metric peeps, that's 53lbs.)

No wonder my arms are still shaking 45 minutes after I put it down.

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