Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kitty City

IMG_0084Last month my Dad & step-mum went to Aruba, and Mojo got a 2 week stay at Kitty City in Nisku.  Kitty City should be a feline paradise, with individual rooms (looked like a jail’s cell block) or kitty suites, a common area with play equipment, stairs, couches, chairs and a fireplace, scratching posts, hammocks, and other kitty-guests.


IMG_0324Sounds like a kitty club med, but being hauled out to the middle of nowhere and abandoned by her owners for 2 weeks, Mojo looked miserable when we went to pick her up.  She was looking skinny, and she hasn’t been grooming herself, and overall she looked stress out.


IMG_0331She sat on my lap  for the car ride home, claws kinda digging into my leg, not sure what was happening, and occassionally watching out the window, probably apprehensive about where we would take her next.



IMG_0338 Eventually she calmed down in my arms.  I could actually see in her face that the stress had subsided.





A happier kitty!

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