Sunday, December 02, 2007

Angel doesn't do change

DelwoodFire_1I do not handle change well if it something I am forced into. And like an angry momma bear, I handle it worse if the change involves my baby girl.

There was a Before and After School Centre in the school that Miranda attend.  This Centre is looking for a new location that will meet the regulations imposed on them.  This location will NOT be at the temporary school. 

What does this mean for me?

1.  I have to drop Miranda off at the new Centre. 

2. They will shuttle her to the burned down school.

3. She will then be shuttled to the temporary school. 

She has to be at the burned down school for 8:25.  I usually take her to the Centre at 8:00, where she has breakfast before walking to her classroom.  Seeing how it is winter time in Canada, a trip that usually takes 5 minutes will have to be planned to take 15 minutes, so this means she will have to be up even earlier to have breakfast at home or so we can get her to the Centre earlier for them to shuttle her off, as I image they would need to have the kids getting ready to for the bus at 8:00.

Ideally, I could deal with this situation if I was allowed to drop her off at the doors of the temporary school and pick her up from the same location after school.  Unfortunately, in this life I am not allowed that luxury and right now I am having a great deal of difficulty when it comes to coping with that fact.

I used to be responsible for getting my child to the school in the morning, where I knew she would remain until I picked her up at the end of the day.  now I am going to have to trust not 1 but 4 different drivers to also ensure that she gets to school and back safe.  This is too much worry when she is needing to get to a school that is located exactly 4.0km from our home.

Basically, I am saying that my child's daily routine is being grossly turned upside down because some pricks decided it would be fun to start not one only but two fires in her school.  Oh, and I haven't mentioned yet how freaking scared she was to sleep in her own bed on Friday night.  She was terrified someone was going to break into our house and burn it down.

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