Sunday, December 02, 2007

Concentration Camp

the Teacher's  Lounge This fire at the school thing is stressing me out and each day I find myself growing more and more enraged.  The school board's contingency plan sorta sucks ass.

1. Drop your child off at the community hall at the burned down school

2. The 465 students will board school buses with the 35 teachers and be shuttled 6km to the temporary school location.

3. Upon arrival, the students will be given a school supply kit.

4. At the end of the day the 465 children and 35 teachers will board the buses back to the burned down school where parents will pick the children up.

It reminds me of a concentration camp.  Since the teachers will have to be on the bus to supervise the students, they won't have their cars at the temporary school.  It will be just students and teachers pretty much in the middle of nowhere for all intents and purposes.

Earlier last week, I was telling my friends how it breaks my heart to see Miranda having to trudge through the snow and cold with her heavy backpack FROM THE SIDEWALK TO THE SCHOOL DOORS, now she is going to have to lug the backpack on her concentration camp buses.

I mean, cool that they were able to come up with a plan so quickly, but their emergency plan still need to be planned a bit better when they have 75% of students come from communities outside of the school area.  Commuting to school to be commuted to a new location isn't very practical.

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