Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shopping at the Christmas Party

DSC00511-1 Last night we attended Scott's Christmas party... at the Coast Terrace Inn, and YES, I went shopping while at the party.  He sent me to the gift shopping to get batteries and on a drunken whim I bought a PUSSY CAT!  First I was going to get a squirrel, as a reminder of Bob Layton and his squirrel singing:

bobsquirrel The day the squirrel went berzerk
In the First Self-Righteous Church
In that sleepy little town of Pasquagula
It was a fight for survival
That broke out in revival
We were jumping pews and shouting

Then I was going to get a giraffe, because they are cool, and suddenly I saw the cat.  I checked the tag and its name is ANGEL to then and there it was decided I HAD to have it.

I strut back into the banquet room (Michelle, you know my super-model walk) with this stuffed cat folded over my arm, and everyone is like WTF?!  It made for a funny story, and a lot of people had fun with the pussy.

Pictures... HERE

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