Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Partying

Friday night was my office Christmas party.  The boss boys took us out for a fantastic dinner at Joey's and then to see a show at the Comic Strip.  When the show wrapped up, what else was there to do but wander to the Casino.  I would have taken photos but since the battery in my back-up camera craps out after taking 3 pictures, I left it at home. Scott gave me his camera, but it was too big to fit in my purse so I forgot it was sitting in my jacket pocket all night. 

I did manage to take one picture, while drunk and excited at the casino, I took a picture of Scott giving the machine his money.  Seconds later, I was tapped on the shoulder by security, who informed me cameras were prohibited in the casino.
Who came up with that retarded rule? 


(I snagged these pictures from Greg's album)


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