Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Angel and Illidan

This afternoon...

Angel, wearing her strappy black stilettos, walks into Metropolis comic book shop and stops at the counter.

geek guy: Can I help you?

Angel: I'm looking for a doll.  A man doll.  An Illidan Stormrage doll.

geek guy: They are action figures.

Angel: Whatever.  I've already received  the talk about it.

geek guy: Bottom shelf over there, blue box, behind Wolverine.

Angel: Thanks.

geek guy: So you're the girlfriend.  A guy called earlier and said he'd see if his girlfriend could pick it up.  I thought he was joking.

Angel: That would be me.  He's been trying to get his hands on one of these dolls for a while. 

geek guy: You should make him sweat a little.  Tell him you couldn't get it.

Angel: I totally already have that planned !  I'm going to tell him some other geek scooped it up before I could get to it.

I didn't think of it until I was leaving, but when he first asked if he could help me, I should have looked at my hand (like a cheat sheet) before saying "Illidan Stormrage" and then laugh and show him that there really wasn't anything written on my palm.

(click to make it bigger so you can read the box)DSC00705

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