Sunday, March 09, 2008

Life Explained. On Film.

ZOMG!!!1!  This weekend I have watched so many How-To films on 

This site rocks, the acting is funny and almost all the videos have people speaking in cute British accents.

Some that I watched include

How to

- Apply a fairy make-up look

- Look good naked

- Make a beer bottle stick to the wall

- Play Guitar Hero like a pro (I didn't know there was a tutorial level!  This is how I'm gonna spend my Saturday morning while the BF plays WoW)

- Apply fake eye-lashes

- Be the perfect girlfriend (I took a few notes)

- Be the perfect boyfriend (I forwarded this for him to take a few notes)

- Be a hero to your girlfriend (I didn't forward it, because he already has this perfected)  This was the most entertaining video, almost like it wasn't a How-To.

- Kill bacteria on your toothbrush

- Create a 60's hair-do

- Curl hair with tongs

- Style hair like Jennifer Aniston's

- Organically whiten clothes

- Walk like a beauty queen

- Select shoes to wear with a mini-skirt

- Take something back to a shop

- Deep stress relief back massage

- Look more confident

- Speak Geek

- Open bottles of beer without a bottle-opener

- Seal wood scratches with a walnut

- Polish shoes with a banana

- Seduce your boss (hahaha!  You can find anything on the Internet! It does come with a sexual harassment warming mid-way through.)

- Fit exercise into a busy schedule

- Cheat and Rock, Paper, Scissors

- Stay awake

The most RETARDED video I watched was How to go to bed.


Now I'm going to check out LOLcatz 

Humorous Pictures

Humorous Pictures (yes, I find that funny - blame my daddy.)

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