Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Worth A Second Chance

bmylOn February 12th, Dallas Green released the second CD from his solo project: City and Colour, called Bring Me Your Love.  The Boyfriend and I were "waiting" with great anticipation after hearing the first single, "Waiting", being the Dallas Green superfans that we are.

My First impression - if you're going to continue reading, be sure to read the entire thing because I'm not trashing this CD.

We were looking forward to hearing album versions of the songs we have heard in concert and on his Live CD - Confessions, Sensible Heart, Forgive Me, and our favourite, Sleeping Sickness

The initial disappointment was the lyrics to Sleeping Sickness. What happened to all the haunting "And I'm all alone"s?! The lyrics changed, so I was singing along to the first listen and felt like an idiot to be getting the words wrong.  Originally on his Dallas Green Simple Songs CD, this song was so, simple.  Now On Bring Me... it's a much more robust song, but to ears that were expecting something else... to hear clapping and "Someone come, Someone come and save my life" seemed like a bastardization of the original.  And then when I was singing along to Confessions, I liked the song of it, but again they lyrics have been changed. grrr!

Overall, the sound is quite different, not the acoustic guitar and piano that we new City and Colour as. harmonicas, banjos, drums, and a folky sound rings out from the speakers.  But as a superfan, I listened again.  And again and again and again, as I couldn't stop because I liked what I was hearing.

The *new* songs on the CD, are amazing.  My favourites are The Girl, Body In A Box, and Death of Me.  And now that I have recovered from the initial shock to my ears, the *old* songs on this CD really are brilliant.

I can't wait until May when Dallas rolls into town.  I'm expecting the show to be amazing, and with Dallas's talent, and the BF singing beside me :)  , I know it will be!! I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait !

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