Sunday, March 09, 2008

M and the Machine

Mummy, do I have an email?

first day back at her old school after the fire... and so it begins. My recently turned 8-year old is hooked on the Internet, as she runs into the room saying, "I need to get on MSN to check something!".  Before, she was online to play on Webkinz or Club Penguin or, but now she wants to email her friend. 

We had a little tiff this weekend because I insist on reading her email with her, after I saw, and censored, a blonde joke email her friend sent (Her friend is a year ahead of Miranda, and in a grade 4/5 split class, so I'm concerned about the age difference and what she might be exposing Miranda to).

She typed out her first email to her friend.  I feel somewhat bad for posting this, but it's kinda cute to see how she typed it, actually inserting the quotation marks around blonde.  I'm also impressed that she spelled blonde correctly!

Hey Girl!  Are you allowed on MSN yet.My mom said I can't read those ''Blonde'' story's you sent me. I loved that picture of the hand holding a fairy.I did'nt get my big desk yet.Scott has a sore kneeand could'nt get the desk today.

Over dinner conversation tonight, she actually said "oh-em-gee" (OMG).  I was like WTF?!  How does she know that already?!  Scott quizzed her and she doesn't know what BYOB is yet. ;)

test I will have to be checking regularly with The 25 slang terms parent should know, to make sure I am keeping on top of things.  I took their test and I got one wrong!!

(the answer is C)

duh!  I get it now!!   <3

ps - NetNanny, here we come...

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