Friday, April 25, 2008

Wii play and Wii have fun

A week ago I was staked out in front of our local FutureShop, waiting for them to open the doors and let the floor of people (all 12 of us) inside to get our Wii's. The store had recieved a shipment on the Tuesday, but they were not releasing them for sale until Friday morning. It was almost like visiting Fort Knox! I'm surprised I didn't have to sign away my soul before they put the Wii box in my hand.

We had to line up at the back, near their stock room, and one by one we were greeted by a sales associate who walked us over to the accessories isle to pick out the rest of our Wii goods, then they carried all our stuff to the cash register to ring up the sale, then escored us to the door. It wasn't until I was 3 feet away from the exit when the Wii was finally placed in my arms.

Miranda was super-dooper excited when I told her I bought it. Saturday afternoon she said her feet were soooo sore from dance classes, yet when we got home, she played Dance Dance Revolution for 45 minutes, and then went on to play some bowling, tennis, and baseball.

I've had fun setting it up! Connecting it to the internet was super easy (I'm loving the new wireless router, which hasn't given me any problems!) I finally figured out how to set up the media center and now I can watch movies from my computer on the TV. I downloaded Pac-Man. And I came in 1st place in a race in Need For Speed ProStreet. I have pre-ordered Mario Kart and I can't wait to get the call to pick it up!! I have created 2 cool Mii's and downloaded them to my controller, so I can't wait to take it to someone's house to stick my Mii's on their box.

Now Miranda wants Rock Band in the worst possible way. She will stand and watch the people in the store play forever, and nearly cry when I tell her it's time to go (ok, that's me being a little over dramatic, but my point is she wants the game). She already has it planned out, she will sing, Scott will play the guitar and Mummy will play the drums. I'll probalby have to get my hands on an xbox because that might be easier than waiting and trying to fight to get a copy of it for the Wii when it is released.

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