Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tough Girl

I fell, slipping in a wet spot on the floor in Miranda's school. I crashed down on my left side, and my arm took almost all the impact in the crash. I also hit my ankle and my knee to the ground. I got up, said I was ok, but as I walked away, I was feeling nauseous and seeing stars. I was in so much pain and I found it comical that it was that moment when I discovered what "seeing stars" in the cartoons meant. My vision was black, with little white dots floating around. Not nearly as colourful as the yellow stars that float around a character's head in the cartoons. Although I have never experienced the pain of a broken bone, I knew my arm wasn't broken, so I figured I was ok.

I cried the entire drive home. At home, I froze to death, as I packed myself in ice, on my neck, back, and on my arm from my shoulders to my fingers.

So much for my plans to spent the night playing Wii. :( I hope it's better for Sunday, because that's when I pick up my copy of Mario Kart. I am thankful it was the left arm I injured, so at least I still have my mouse hand and my dominant hand to type with.

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