Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Totally Awkward!

Can you imagine Me ever feeling awkward in a ladies' clothing store?  No way!  Well, it happened...

Yesterday over lunch, Cindy and I went shopping because she was looking for a new top.  We went to the store, she picked some out and went to try them on.  As I waited for her, I found myself feeling terribly out of place. 

pregWe were in a Maternity store! and I was horrified that there was nothing I could buy!  I suppose there was some cream (for stretch marks, and it smelled icky) or some hard sour candies (with sugar and nothing nutritious added, despite the packaging saying they were made specifically for pregnant women), but you think in a store that sold clothes, they would also sell accessories, earrings, necklaces, scarves!  I guess they think pregnant women don't need to accessorize. 

I am so going to write a letter to the Thyme and Motherhood stores.  At Thyme, there wasn't even the cream and candies!  Now, maybe it was because we were at the outlet shops at South Common, but even the outlet shops for Buffalo, Guess, Esprit, Mexx, all carry accessories.  To me, it makes sense, especially for pregnant women.  I mean, everyone loves one-stop shopping, and if you're carrying babies in your belly, it would be easier to run into the maternity store, grab and outfit AND some earrings, then it would be to have to go to one store and then hop in your car, drive down to Clair's hop out and look for earrings there. 

I know when I was pregnant my brain wasn't working all the best so I was more inclined to impulse purchases.  What are these store thinking? PLUS, who shops with pregnant women?  Um, well usually not everyone is pregnant at the same time, so how about, non-pregnant women? I thought every store carries impulse items these days.  You go to Old Navy and you can get mints... everyone can use mints!  Now there's a store that's thinking.

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