Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Fish Replacement

A few weeks ago, Miranda and I picked out 2 new fish for the house.  I thought it would be brilliant if I get one for the office, too, so I would have something to "care for".  The moment passed and I can barely take care of myself, so why the heck would I want something else to have to care for?  Then, JJ brings me a plant to work. 

Me, take care of a plant?  The great thing about a child is that she tells me when she needs something.  I don't hear boo from the plant!  I won't be offended if people take bets as to how long it lives.  I've had the plant for maybe not even 2 weeks, and already twice I have watered it because the leaves were starting to shrivel. 

But it's pink!! and in a pink pot!  (I do like the gift) Oh just think of the things I can do with a pink pot if the plant dies! (like get a fake plant!)


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