Friday, May 23, 2008


sobeI fell off the Red Bull wagon, or I'm back on it, whatever the bad expression for returning to an addiction is; I can never remember!

This time my addiction is slightly modified, and my drink of choice is SoBe Arush (marketed in other countries as SoBe Adrenaline Rush) sugar-free.  I'll still slug back a sugar-free Red Bull if it is placed in front of me, but SoBe is usually cheaper and tastes different.  Red Bull has a sweet cherry flavour, whereas SoBe Arush is more refreshing with its grapefruit-citrus taste.

I prefer the sugar-free to the regular kind, as the absence of sugar reduces the crash factor that would follow from elevated glucose levels.

I am being mindful of my energy drink consumption, as last year I was drinking 2 cans daily and as a result, experienced bouts of weakness, tiredness, dizziness and light-headedness.  Through Internet research I discovered that Taurine (was first isolated from ox bile, so I bet that's where Red Bull got its name from) is used as a natural approach to treat hypertension.  As a girl with already low blood pressure, 2 energy drinks a day was pushing my bp to near coma levels.

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