Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rocking out with my two favourite men *drool*

My favourite man took me out on a date to see our other favourite man - Dallas Green, at his City & Colour concert at the Jubilee. It was quite a different show from when we saw him last. Last year, we saw Dallas at the Winspere, in a very intimate acoustic show.

Tonight, he had a band with him, and after the surprise of seeing so many people on stage, we were ready to enjoy the show. (I wa hoping he'd pull Casey Baker ut of his back pocket, but he didn't.) Dallas totally rocked out some of his old songs, Sam Malone, Simple Man, Day Old Hate, and Coming Home. It blew me away how amazing it was! Well, maybe not, because I already knew Dallas is amazing, but it was so cool to see him outside of the Alexisonfire and acoustic hats he usually wears.

I recorded some videos. They might be funny to watch because the camera was sometimes pointed in the general direction of the stage, and sometimes just sitting in my lap. I wanted to actually watch the concert, and not just follow it through the tiny view screen. I also grossly under-estimated the capacity of my memory card, and I should have taken complete videos of all the songs. :(

It's hard to pick a favourite song of the night. He played some of the new songs of his I love, like The Girl, Death of Me, and Sleeping Sickness, but I think his old songs stole the show. His rocking versions of Simple Man and Coming Home leave me begging for him to put out a live CD of this tour.

The Girl (clip):

Simple Man (clip):

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