Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Life With No Computer

I've been without my home PC all week. (Scott took it away from me for
upgrades and honestly, when is a computer job ever as simple as it
looked to be in theory?)

A short while ago, I would have be going insane if I was in this
situation! I am surprised by how calm I am without it. Mainly I'm
doing fine is because I have my handy dandy iPhone to keep me feeling
like I am still part of the collective.

So without my PC, I have filled my extra time with the following.

- Playing a lot of guitar hero
- Watching a few movies
- Playing games with Miranda
- Napping after work
- Blogging via email
- Talking on the phone
- Forgetting to check my email (seriously, I seem to be checking it
once in the morning then at dinner home I'm surprised I haven't
thought about it all day and I check it again)
- Trying to Facebook (I don't care too much for the FB iPhone app so I
switch between that, mobile Facebook and the regular FB site in
Safari, then eventually give up)
- Going to bed a little earlier
- Reading (a cheesy chick-lit book that is almost too painful to read.
Second worst book purchase over the past 10 years (the first worst
book is sitll 'The Alchemist'; I didn't make it past page 9) 'Princess
Izzy and the E Street Shuffle'. It was less than five bucks so don't
be judging me!

I haven't checked my rss feeds in ages...

My point is I'm not freaking out about my computer being gone for so
long, which is probably a very good thing. If I was freaking out about
it, I would end up dead, either by (a) anxiety from being computer-
less, or (b) being shot dead by Scott for whining about taking so
long. The computer is being a bitch and if I was too then he'd totally
kill me! Haha

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