Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some random guy’s signature on my leg

Here's the story how I ended up with this on my leg.


Niki had this great idea for us to go out dancing!!

DSC02173 DSC02174
DSC02175 DSC02178

DSC02183Near the end of the night, Niki and I take a break from dancing and we found Raylene and Jen sitting with some random guy. There was a blonde hovering around and Jen stepped in to rescue him. We talked about my shoes because it was apparently impressive that I could walk in them, let alone dance all night long in them. I jumped up and down a few times to show off.



So this guy says to me, "I don't know what to say to you, you are so beautiful."

I laughed and said thanks. As you can see, I didn't look all that beautiful, hot from dancing so much and my hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail in an attempt to cool me off.

Later on, he was talking to me about this song that was playing, at which point I said to him, "Ok, so you seem to be someone popular, with all these people hanging around. Who are you?" Jen, the hockey super fan, had already told me he was one of the Oilers. She probably said his name, too, but I wasn't paying attention.

He told me his name and said he was a soccer playing from Europe. I asked from where in Europe. He said from the Czech Republic. I asked him why he called it soccer, because I though everyone in Europe call it football. He shrugged and did a little imitation of a soccer player with a ball.

Another girl came over and she had her cell phone taking pictures of him and had a paper for him to sign with a Sharpie. And then he wrote on my leg.

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