Monday, April 06, 2009

Everything should taste like bacon

I haven’t hid that fact that lately I have been a bacon devouring machine. As a result, I have been given a few bacon alternative suggestions.  First it was suggested I try turkey bacon – hideous, foul taste in my mouth!  And the texture was gross.  Not crispy like real bacon.

baconnaise Then there was the suggestion of Baconnaise.  that’s just wrong!  Who thought it would be a good idea to fuse two ultra-fatty foods? Why not just save your own bacon grease and smear it on your sandwich?  I believe bacon in a sandwich should be something you chew on, and should not be available in a spread.


baconsalt Today I received an awesome suggestion, one that has my mouth watering and has me wanting to race out to Safeway to see if they sell it: Baconsalt.  Oh drool, I think it would taste delicious on baked potatoes or French fries, when you just want a subtle hint of bacon flavour.  And it comes in 9 flavours!

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