Friday, April 03, 2009

Finally seeing the world

For the past little while I noticed Miranda was squinting a lot.  I didn’t know if it was sensitivity from the light, glare, or because she read it in a book or saw it on TV and thought it was a cool thing to do. 

I scheduled an eye exam and when the optometrist put up the first row of letters, I could tell right away (from her ability to read them!) that she was going to need glasses. 

Last Friday she picked up her 2 new pairs of glasses.  My mum to her to pick them out, which I think was better than me going, because I see M every day and was too close to judge what did didn’t want to be overbearing when it came to her selection. (Pretty brave that I let Scott and myself shell out $300 without even seeing what we were paying for!)

Before I talked to Miranda, I asked my mum how it went.  She said Miranda was thrilled, and Miranda said the world looked brighter.

I was brought to tears when Miranda had exclaimed to her, “Not only can I see those trees, but now I can see where the branches separate!”

38843365When I finally did see her, I was please with her attitude.  Afraid that she would not like the glasses or think of them as an annoyance, her attitude was just the opposite.  To her, they were a facilitator to opportunity, the opportunity to see the world clearly and more vibrantly.

In the car, she pointed across the street to the red stop-hand signal light and said, “Now it actually looks like a red hand,” then sliding her glasses down her nose, “and without all I see is a red blob.”

This week has been Spring Break, and she has been vacationing at grandparent’s houses so I haven’t seen her long enough to take a better picture.

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