Friday, November 30, 2007

Drama for today

I was excited this morning!  Miranda and I left home early, and for the first time since the snow came, I was going to make it to work EARLY!  Today was a PD day and she was excited about the daycare field trip.

We arrive at her school. 

Usually I let her out at the sidewalk and watch her walk into the school.  Today I got out of the car because there was a truck parked on the schoolyard blocking the entrance.  I glanced to the south field and saw more trucks.  This wasn't anything shocking, since the school had been undergoing various maintenance things all summer, and this past week they just finished replacing the boilers and stuff.

What did catch my eye was the POLICE suburban that was parked with the trucks.  On the school field, right beside the school.  That's when the red flag went off in my head.

I looked again towards the entrance and noticed the lights were off inside.... and then I noticed all of the windows were smashed!!

No one was being let inside and the daycare kids were being relocated to another centre.  I was told someone broke into the school and set it on fire.

The Journal has an article online, updating that the school will be closed until the start of February!!  It is estimated there was close to $1 million in damages. 

Who would do this to an elementary school??  There are 500 students who are being affected by this.  Where is the school board supposed to find room for them, and how is this going to affect the before and after school child care arrangements parents (meaning ME)  have??

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.... just when I thought I was getting control  of my life.

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