Saturday, June 07, 2008

No More Grandparents

The last of my grandparents has passed.  This morning, my Oma died, they think of a heart attack.

When I last saw her, shortly after Easter, we were moving her into a Senior's home in Stony Plain.  She was disappointed that she couldn't stay in the Evansberg/Entwistle area, so she could keep up with the people she knew and the local news.  It made me sad to see her so lonely and lacking her independence, knowing that she would be spending most of her time in her little room, just watching tv.

She said her hands shook when she ate, and the ladies at her table weren't very sociable.  She ended up falling again, this time breaking the other side of her hip.  But she was on the mend, until this morning.  When I heard about her hip, I predicted she wouldn't see it to the end of the year.  I never thought she would be gone so soon.

Christmas 2001, my first Christmas back home after moving away6

Miranda and her Great Grandma, Mother's Day 2002miranda and great grandma mother's day 2002

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