Thursday, June 26, 2008

The price of pretty nails

DSC01234Today I was painting my nails on my way to work with this awesome brown nail polish I have.  The colour is called Brasil and it's made by Belavance.  The price tag on it says $26.95.  I bought it earlier this year on clearance for $14.99. 

$15 for a bottle of nail polish?  I mean, $27 is absurd, but even $15 is a lot to spend on nail polish, isn't it?  Yet somehow, now this fools my brain into thinking that the $30 bottle of Chanel polish that I fell in love with online isn't really that much, seeing how I already have a $27 bottle in my possession.

DSC01229$30 for nail polish?!  That doesn't even include the nice oriental lady who trims your nails and lotions and massages your hands before applying the nail colour.

Price does make somewhat of a difference.  I painted my nails in the car and the consistency of the polish, and the design of the brush is amazing.  The colour didn't flow off my nail while painting.  I purposely left a tiny edge of silver showing near the cuticle (I threw the brown overtop of the silver polish I had on already)

macSure, you can buy Wet 'n Wild and other cheap nail polishes for a couple of bucks, but they are not nice to apply, and they chip and peel off your nails.  The more expensive polishes are longer wearing.  Probably not that huge of an issue, since I usually re-paint my nails every 2-3 days.  I upay $10-12 for a bottle of OPI, or $12 for M.A.C.  My favourite M.A.C. shade is Nightfall.

DSC01256Oh!  despite my occasional OCD behaviour, I am currently of the belief that fingers and toes DO NOT have to match.  It's more fun when you get to wear 2 colours!



ps - A portion of tonight's conversation

BF: What are you doing?
Me: I'm blogging about nail polish.
BF: Yay!
* it's the same "Yay!" I exclaim as I, the wonderful, dutiful girlfriend I am, listen intently as he begins to talk about WoW. hehe!  This time I spared him the boring details and didn't elaborate on the topic, but it's nice to know that even if I had, he would can feign enthusiasm for my benefit.

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