Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Alchemy of Desire

book I picked up a new book the other day... The Alchemy of Desire by Tarun J Tejpal.  The first sentence reads,

  Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is.

oooh sounds like it's gonna be interesting! 

I have  not read about the book, but I read a review that says the novel contains extremely strong female characters. "Fiza, Bibi Lahori and Catherine are the kind of characters you would want to meet in real life. The kind of women you could promptly fall passionately in love with."


Synopsis on the back of the book -

A young couple from a small town in India, penniless but gloriously in love, move to the big city, where the man works feverishly on a novel, stopping only to feed his ceaseless desire for his beautiful wife.  In time the lovers abandon the city for an old house in the mist-shrouded Himalayas.  While renovating their ramshackle new home, the young man unearths a chest full of old diaries written by the previous owner.  Thrust into another world and time, he slowly uncovers the dark secrets at the heart of her story...

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