Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Best Bar Story

If I never again set foot in a bar in Sylvan Lake, that would be fine with me.  The vibe at Chef's was icky, a bunch of pompous, pretentious and rude pups in the Abercrombie & Finch shirts, all WAY too drunk to stand up, pushing everyone our of their way on the dance floor...

However, there was one exception to the rule.  This guy walked in and checked his Icon jacket & bike helmet at the bar.  I told the girls that I should ask him if he could take me for a ride on his bike. Although I was doubtful I would ask, I watched where he sat down, and made note of how many drinks he was having (2). 

pink At one point, I was surprised to find him beside us.  I wasn't having that great of a time since practically everyone else around me was piss ass drunk, and I was being the responsible DD for the night, so I took advantage of the opportunity and tapped his arm with the back of my hand and asked if he was the guy who came in with the bike gear.  He said yes, so I asked him if he would take me for a ride.

He said he didn't have another helmet, at which point I surprised him by saying that I had one in my car.  He said sure, he'd take me out before he left, and we exchanged names.  I read his lips a few minutes later as he told his friend "she asked if I could take her out for a ride," and then they both laughed.  I wasn't sure if he thought I was serious or not.

Lo and behold, he actually did come over to me as he was leaving and said, "let's go."  So in the street in front of the A&W, with an RCMP parked   at the end of the block, probably wondering WTF was going on, I opened my trunk and swapped my skirt for jeans, sandals for Sketchers, and hoodie for bike jacket.

Neither of us were familiar with the area so he let me navigate where we were going.  Thankfully he kept note of the maze to get us back.  After 40 minutes of riding and small talk we were back in front of Chef's.  I hopped off, said thanks, and he drove off to Red Deer.  I went inside to find the girls, and this time I was the one checking my pink bike stuff behind the bar.

At closing time, we were hanging out in the street when I saw another guy with a bike.  I thought about running over and asking him for a ride, but I hadn't seen him earlier so I had no idea how much he had been drinking.


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