Saturday, August 09, 2008

Don't Leave Her Alone in the Sun

DSC01454Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Hawrelak park.  With my blanket, bikini and book (along with my ipod, water and a slurpee) I enjoyed the calmness and warmth of the day.  Maybe a little too much, because I fell asleep in a shady spot, but as I slept, the sun was moving and the shade was retreating off me.  Let's just say it's a big ouch and it hurts to sit because the back of my legs are so red.  However, I did find this amazing product at the drug store - spray on aloe gel! with DNA protectors, it says.  I call it sweet relief in a can.

DSC01449Anyway, so when I finally woke up, I push ed myself up on my elbows and opened my eyes to see a goose looking at me, his face inches away from mine!  I looked around me and the girl who closest to me said she was going to yell at me to wake me up because the geese also startled her awake when they were hissing in her face.



DSC01445There was a gaggle of 22 of them.  After they finished eating, they walked single file back to the lake and swam away, again in single file. 

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